Super Bowl Weekend Wrap-up

super bowl

Happy Monday, to all. We had a baby appointment super early on Friday morning – and by the time we wrapped up, I needed to get straight to work, which meant no Friday Favorites, but I’m back today. We had a wonderful weekend – and I hope you did too. Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been up to!


doctor office

We started our Friday morning off with a quick look at baby boy. I had an ultrasound and a doctor’s appointment. I had to pop into my office after my appointment, so I was dressed in work attire. You all know that mornings aren’t my favorite, but early morning appointments mean that I can get in and out without a wait. So, it was a 5 a.m. morning!

golden retriever

And, because baby boy is requiring a whole lot more sleep out of me these days, I was exhausted by the end of the day. I’m pretty sure we had pizza night, did a dog walk, and I was asleep on the couch while we were trying to watch a movie by 9 or 9:30 that night. The dogs were tired too 🙂


Saturday was wonderful. I didn’t have anything on the schedule, which meant no alarm. I let myself sleep in as late as I wanted. I know that my days of sleeping in are coming quickly to an end, so I”m trying to take advantage while I can.

valentine's day

Aaron kicked off Valentine’s Day a bit early with some Chick Fil-A. I got in my comfortable clothes to get my house put back together. A little house regroup on Saturday mornings is on my agenda most weekends. I like to a thorough vacuum – and just a general house refresh (light some candles, do some general cleaning and picking up).


And yes, I have been living in the Lululemon Align leggings. They have come in clutch – and are the most comfortable part of my pregnancy uniform.

thank you note

Our friends and family have been nice enough to send some baby gifts our way. So, I sat down for a bit on Saturday to get some thank you notes in the mail.

popcorn for the people

Aaron and I got a special Valentine’s delivery on our doorstep Saturday afternoon. Popcorn for the People is a company that employs and creates opportunities for those in the disabled community. Which is a company I can get behind. My sister has cerebral palsy, and to know that there are companies out there who care enough to create opportunities for the disabled means everything.

You get a handwritten note in each package that shows who packed your goodies.

And they have delicious flavors. Give them a try if you need a Valentine’s gift – or want to try a delicious snack!

baby items

After that, Aaron and I ran a bunch of errands. He needed some new clothes – and we needed to get some items checked off our baby list.


We also picked up a Crumbl order. If you’ve got one by you, their Valentine’s week cookie lineup looks equally as delicious.


I let myself fall asleep super early on Saturday night – and sleep in on Sunday. Which meant that I didn’t actually make it up in time enough to get myself ready for in person church. So, we watched from home.

super bowl

Aaron and I also spent some quality couch time watching a movie after church was over. We also did a quick grocery pick up from H-E-B. We walked the dogs and headed over to our neighbor’s house for a Super Bowl party. that was my Super Bowl ‘fit. My water cup is pretty much a guaranteed accessory these days. I’m trying to do 96 ounces each day. I’m not a Stanley cup gal, mainly because Aaron and I have waaaaay too many cups in our house, but I am a big Yeti girl!

I was happy to see the Chiefs win the Super Bowl – and even happier to see that Rihanna announced she is pregnant! What a time to be alive.

This week we’ve got some big things on the agenda. I have a new director starting, which means some fun onboarding activities, we’ve got Valentine’s Day (I honestly don’t have anything actively scheduled to celebrate V Day this year – because my mind has been preoccupied with a million different things). I am down to just spend some quality, uninterrupted time with my husband over some fun takeout!

And, I’ve got a big work event on Thursday evening that should be a ton of fun. I hope you all have an equally fun and fulfilling week ahead of you!


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