Introduction + 2020 So Far

Hi all. I’m Kira Taniguchi Gomez. I guess this “inaugural” post should be an introduction. I used to blog way back in the day (I’m talking my senior year in college here) and have taken a blogging sabbatical for the last 10 years. I’ve decided to pick this back up because 1). I always enjoyed sharing bits and pieces of my life and 2). I’m in a completely different stage of life than I was back then.

So, since 2010, I’ve graduated with my master’s degree in journalism, with an emphasis in multimedia. I’ve gotten married (thus, the name of the blog), work fulltime, freelance on occasion and we recently bought our first house (like about two weeks ago). I am looking forward to sharing house progress and updates, life updates and some fun work projects when appropriate. My husband’s name is Aaron, and we have been married for 4 years. We reside in Houston and live a pretty active life, with a few adjustments over the last six months thanks to COVID. I work in a development communications role for one of the largest institutions in the Texas Medical Center (yep, that’s right, I have the pleasure of asking people for money everyday), and, up until March, that’s where my office was located. Now, I’m a “WFH’er” (work-from homer) 100% of the time, which has come with its fair share of benefits – and challenges. We don’t have children, but we do have two dogs: a yellow lab and a golden retriever.


Aaron owns his own small business here in Houston: an automotive wholesale company. He also does some consulting for colleagues across the U.S. We are avid runners, and we love to ride our bikes (I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a “cyclist,” but I do like to get out there), we love to hang with the dogs, go to church and have really been in a season of trying to slow down a bit.

Which brings me to my next point: COVID-19 has really turned my life upside down over the last six months. I wouldn’t be honest if I said otherwise. Overall, I tend to be a pretty optimistic person, and I would consider myself to adapt fairly easily to change. This time, it hasn’t been such an easy task, and I’ve had to give myself a lot of grace. I went from working in an office environment to working from home. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but we were living in one of those three-story townhomes at the time, and we shared a wall with our neighbors. Who decided to completely gut the inside of their house. So, I was trying to Zoom, WebEx and conference call with jackhammering and drilling. I also love to see my friends, and Aaron and I decided we were going to do our part to flatten the curve here in Houston and really just stopped social get-togethers for awhile. I stopped going to the gym and have really revised many parts of how I live my life. It’s not all bad, and luckily, we’ve been able to phase some of those things back into our lives – just in a different and safer way. And now, I’m lucky to have a new space to call home that has a dedicated office for both myself and Aaron (it really is a great time to buy, and I’ll talk more about that in the future). I’m optimistic that we are much closer to a vaccine, and I’m optimistic that things can only go up for all of us. So, if you’re having yourself a YEAR, please know that you aren’t alone. That things get better – they just might look a little different.

New house

I’m looking forward to sharing more in my little corner of the internet over the coming days and weeks. If you’ve stuck it out this far, thanks for reading!


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