Weekend Wrap-up: Astros + Going Away Party

World Series trophy

Happy Monday, ya’ll. This weekend has been packed full of fun. Before we get into all of that, my Valentine’s Day flowers from my husband are still going strong. I moved them into my office – and they are just such a pretty addition to my office.

Valentine's Day flowers

While I’d like to say that my weekend started last Thursday after a work event – it didn’t. I worked until late on Thursday – and finished off my week strong with a full work day on Friday. So, why don’t we get into it?

Astros Event


Our signature Houston event was held on Thursday night, and I was working. We were honoring Dusty Baker, who is a baseball (and Houston) legend, so I was excited to be there.

World Series trophy

The World Series Trophy was also on hand, which was incredibly neat to see in person. And, I always love the chance to see my co-workers in person when possible. The event was a success. Dusty was a wonderful storyteller – I truly could have listened to him talk for a couple more hours.

I’m so lucky to be able to experience such fun moments through my job, and I”m cherishing them right now before Baby Boy arrives. Work brings me lots of fulfillment in different ways – but working together as a team to see the big picture finally come together can be incredibly rewarding. I’ll have about three more events that my team will work on before I’m out on maternity leave – and I”ll be back just in time in the fall for some fun fall events!

Weekend Things

This weekend was all about trying to check some major things off my to-do list. My baby shower is this coming weekend, and I had to make sure that I bought hostess gifts, that my house is in a good spot for houseguests and allll the other things. First on my list was to meet my friend and her daughter for a Chick Fil-A lunch and playtime 🙂 But, the second thing I had to check off my list was to snag a birthday gift for my bestie. I found a new boutique here in Houston that had some really cute rodeo items: Golden Thread.

golden thread

I placed an online order to in-store pickup because I wasn’t sure how fast their rodeo items would sell out. So, I had a chance to peruse the store when I went in to grab my order. It was so cute. So, any of you local, Houston ladies, go check it out. You can also buy online. They have a ton of cute college and major league sports accessories – and just some really cute items in general. I grabbed some rodeo earrings for the gift, along with this Astros headband. And I’m dying over how cute this headband is. I might actually go back and get one for myself.

astros headband | golden thread

Hostess gifts

I have five very generous friends who are hosting my baby shower. And, I’m just so thankful (and humbled) that they would volunteer to do that for Aaron and I. So, I wanted to make sure that they feel properly thanked. A couple of them are moms – and every single one of them is a hardworking lady who could use some pampering. So, I put together a hostess gift that is a small token of my appreciation. I grabbed these shower steamers from Musee.


If you aren’t familiar with Musee, they make the cutest, most delicious-smelling bath products. I’ve bought these as gifts for my god children, for family members – and they make the perfect gifts. Every single scent smells absolutely delicious – and the packaging is so cute. And, since I was going with a pampering/spa-day theme, I snagged some of these luxury candles from Glasshouse. Their candles are so good! The store where I bought the candles gift wrapped them – and I put the candles, along with the shower steamers into my own bags. While my wrapping isn’t quite as cute as the candle wrapping – it did the trick.

hostess gifts

Speaking of our baby shower…. We have had some fun gifts rolling in over these last several weeks, and I feel like such a lucky girl. Aaron and I are handling all of our nursery decor, and our “rug” finally arrived. Instead of an actual rug, we went with a Little Nomad play mat – that looks like a rug. But, it’s kid-friendly (more like a play mat) – and can be washed easily.

little nomad

We went with a 6X8 for the nursery, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like.

I snuck a dog walk in there and was exhausted by the time Aaron got done with work. We opted for a little dinner date at an Indian food restaurant that we like – and called it an early night.

A going away party

going away party

Sunday looked a lot like wrapping up some errands. You know – the usual: grocery pick up, dog walk, registering for the last of our baby classes and grabbing a World Series hat from my office. And, on Sunday evening, we attended a going away party for a college friend of mine. He’s accepted a new position in a different state, so Aaron and I swung by his going away party.

So, it was a wonderful, jam-packed weekend. This week is also going to be pretty busy. We’ve got a doc appointment, company coming in, our baby shower and an infant school tour (more on that soon- but just know that the world of infant care is very interesting).

Happy Monday, Friends!


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