Summer Nights

drive in movie

Since I’m kind of on a summer theme this week, I figured I’d talk about some of my favorite things to do on those hot, summer nights. It’s one of my favorite parts of the year because I consider myself a warm-weather type of girl. So come join me while I talk about some of my favorite things to do on these summer nights.

evening dog walk
My sweet sweet Sawyer

Typically, Aaron and I love to walk the dogs as one of the first things we do when we wrap up our work days. The puppies are still a bit young to walk around the neighborhood (they don’t have all their shots yet), so we’ve been doing a bit of training with them in the backyard.

golden retrievers

And, it’s nice for them to be able to play in more of a controlled environment while they are still young.

evening walk

After we feed the pups their dinner, Aaron and I try to go on a walk around the neighborhood. I’ve been thinking a lot about work life balance, because it’s harder to achieve now that I’m working from home. Work tends to blur into home life, and it’s really hard to achieve the separation that a commute home would often accomplish. So, I’ve replaced my evening commute, with a walk around the neighborhood.

Physically removing myself from the (home) office puts me in a better state of mind to put my work to rest. And, it’s something that I did even when I was working in my office. It’s been hot, but we’ve been making it happen. If you are still working from home – give this a try. I feel more relaxed – and am much less likely to open that computer back up!

Houston sunset

If you are in Houston, take a walk by Buffalo Bayou to catch on these amazing sunsets. The sky really delivers some evenings. And see those black streaks on the left side of the photo? Those are the bats from the Waugh Bridge.

Waugh Bats

If you live in Houston, the Waugh Bridge bats are worth watching at least once in your lifetime. They come out right at sunset each evening, and the best viewing spot is at the corner of Waugh and Allen Parkway!

Drive-in Movie

drive in movie

One of my favorite activities last summer was going to a drive-in movie. And, Houston has opened another drive-in theater. Go check it out because it’s a great summer activity. We went with two of our friends – and we took a truck, brought snacks and some adult beverages. And, we saw Grease, which is the best summer movie!

And, one of my favorite summer night activities right now: watching the Olympics! Yesterday, I wrapped up work, we played with the dogs in the backyard, took a quick walk – and watched the Women’s Gymnastics Team finals. I am so proud of all of those ladies!!!!


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