Weekend Wrap-up: The Walking Dead edition

golden retriever snuggle

Happy Monday, friends! I’m officially counting down the clock until I’ve got a week off from work. Five more days. I think it’s really important that everyone get away from work every now and then. I consider that time sacred – Aaron and I both do. I always feel recharged, relaxed – and just a better version of myself when I take some time away from work. Use that time off, my friends. You won’t regret it.


This weekend was super relaxing. It started raining right around the end of my workday. In fact, as the storm rolled through, it brought some pretty intense thunder and lightening, knocking the power out at our house briefly. I took that at my cue to log off for the day, since my screens shut down!

golden retriever

I did a quick workout, and Aaron and I decided that we had been in the house all day working – so we needed to get out. We decided to go to Studio Movie Grill to watch the Jungle Cruise. I’m a big fan of the Rock, and he didn’t disappoint. It was funny, kid-friendly, but it had some jokes in there that had Aaron and I laughing. Go check it out! We ended our night snuggling the puppies. It really doesn’t get better than that.


memorial park

I met my friend Katie to go walking around Memorial Park. She’s working remotely full-time as well, so it’s good to catch up. We started off at the Eastern Glades – and made the three-mile loop.


It was so hot outside! I took water with me, and I thought we started early enough, but I was ready for the AC after those three miles.

tree frog | houston, Texas

I went home to shower, and found this little guy hanging out in our yard. I’ve been seeing more and more frogs outside lately, which is great because they help eat mosquitoes. I was also worried that the freeze might have killed most of them off.

golden retriever

Alice came over after that to see the puppies, and she, Aaron and I went to dinner. Tex Mex is good for the soul – especially if it involves chips and queso.

The Walking Dead (season 3) - Wikipedia

When we got home from dinner, we were determined to find a new show. And, Netflix has The Walking Dead, which we’ve never seen (I know, I know). So, we decided to go ahead and give it a try. And, I think we found a winner! We’ve watched a couple of episodes, and we are hooked.


kodiak cakes

I made some protein pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

good pop

Made a quick run to H-E-B. And picked up these popsicles. Popsicles aren’t normally on my grocery list, but I was hot, and these looked delicious. I liked that they didn’t have added sugar, so I decided to give them a try. And, if you can find them – go get you some! Loved them.

We finished our evening with a walk around the neighborhood.

golden retriever snuggle

And some puppy snugs.

Hope you had a restful weekend – and that you week ahead is just as great.


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