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brie bites

Happy Monday! It’s going to be a short work week, and I’m feeling thankful to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with family later this week. Does anyone else like working on a holiday week? I do. The pace is a bit slower than normal, and since people tend to take off, email is slower and meetings get cancelled. It makes for a nice, quiet work day. We had an eventful weekend, so why don’t I get right into it?


houston golden retrievers

I worked all day Friday, and by the time I wrapped up, it was around 6 p.m. So, we took the dogs for a quick spin around the neighborhood, and Aaron and I decided to try a new Tex Mex restaurant by our house. Full disclosure: I did not love it. It was okay, but there are some better Tex Mex restaurants that we like a bit more. But, we always like the opportunity to catch up at the end of a long week. We headed back home and were in bed by 11. I got my flu shot last week, and I had been so tired!


Satori salon

We woke up early on Saturday morning. Aaron was trying to get some yard work knocked out, and I had a hair appointment with Rocco at 9:30. It took me a long time to find a stylist in Houston who I liked, and once I found Rocco, I was sold. He does amazing work, and this time, I got a little cut and color done. After that, I rushed back home to grab the dogs to take them to the vet. We needed to get them weighed before they would give out the heart guard and flea medication.

holiday biscuits

A short trip to Starbucks after that, and I really spent the rest of the day Saturday running a bunch of errands. The pups needed more dog food. I took a trip to Goodwill to drop off a few boxes, and I headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond for some curtains for our second guest bedroom. I decided on these because they match my woven wooden shades.


Speaking of my woven woods….. I’m still waiting for the company to finish installing the blinds on one last window. It’s been backordered since September, and to say I’m frustrated is kind of an understatement. They had the material, but they measured incorrectly, so they had to send the materials for my largest window back. And, after that, the material was on back order. We’ve been waiting ever since. The material is supposed to be ready at the very end of this month, and I really hope it is. I love the way our window look with the woven woods, but I really want my last window to be finished.

woven wood shades

We also got a new addition to our home gym this week: the peloton tread! Aaron’s been wanting a treadmill for a long time, and we’ve been doing our research. We finally decided on the peloton tread, and it was delivered last week. I tried it for the first time on Saturday. Now, if you’ve been reading here for a bit, you know that I’m an outdoor runner, and I’ve never been a big fan of running indoors. But, I’m going to give the treadmill a shot, and I’ll let you know what I think of it after I’ve tried it a bit longer. I did a 45-minute endurance run on Saturday, I did really enjoy my workout.

peloton tread

Aaron and I watched a couple of movies on Saturday night, and we were in bed by midnight!



We promised our friends we would help them do a bit of moving on Sunday. So, we were up early, walked the dogs, grabbed some coffee, and I did a quick grocery pick up. Then, we headed over to our friend’s house to help them move. After we moved a couple of things, we watched some football, and we were back home by around 7. Even though it’s a short week, we’ve got a few miles to go before we can enjoy our Thanksgiving.

We are headed to Belton to spend some time with Aaron’s family, and I”m looking forward to heading there for a few days of peace and quiet. I’ll decorate our house for Christmas when we get back, and I can’t wait! Before I leave you to enjoy your Monday, here is a very simple, three ingredient Thanksgiving appetizer. I made these for my Teams-giving last week, and they couldn’t be more simple

Easy Thanksgiving appetizer

brie bites

I call these my: Brie Bites. You just buy these pre-made phyllo shells, which you can find in the freezer section of any grocery store. You’ll also need a wheel or two of brie – depending on how many you are making. I made 30 shells, and this brie wheel was enough. You’ll also need your choice of topping. You can really use any topping of your choice. I bought this pineapple habanero sauce, some blackberry jam and some fig topping.

brie bites

You’ll pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees, cut the brie into 1/2 inch cubes, place the brie into the phyllo cups and top with 1/2 teaspoon of your topping. Pop into the oven for about 7 minutes, or until brie is melted! You can make ahead and just warm before serving.

Have a fantastic week!


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