A Day in the Life + What’s Going on this Weekend


Happy Friday, friends! I hope this last day of the week is off to a wonderful start. I’ve got a meeting this morning – and one of my co-workers is coming over to my house so we can watch our virtual Town Hall together. Then, she and I are going to head out for some lunch. And after that, I’ve got a work deadline that needs to be wrapped up by end of day tomorrow! Our virtual meeting was supposed to be an all-day in person event, but with the surge in COVID – and because I work in health care in one of the largest medical centers in the world – they don’t want 150 of us coming on site to potentially get our patients – or ourselves sick.

What’s up this weekend

ornament exchange

I thought it would be fun to share a day in my life this week, which I’ll do a in a few (I shared some recent eats earlier this week). But first, weekend plans. Aaron and I have a virtual hospital tour schedule for this weekend. I’ve slowly started signing us up for classes – and that was one on my list. My annual Baylor ornament exchange is also happening on Saturday with two of my best girlfriends. We are headed for an early dinner and ornament exchange. We are also going to church – and honestly, my book is calling my name! And now, a day in the life….

A day in the life

I woke up around 6:30 so I could do my morning routine and get myself ready before I had to interview someone. But first, coffee….


I fed the dogs and let them out – and I played with them inside for a bit. Yes – my fig tree has certainly seen better days, but the December freeze took it out. It came back after the last freeze, so I’m just going to give it some time.


Then, it was breakfast time for me. I can’t quit my greek yogurt bowl (It’s Stonyfield whole fat greek yogurt, granola and some type of fruit).

yogurt bowl

Then, I got myself ready because I had to interview someone virtually.


The pups decided to pop into my virtual interview.


After the interview was over, I actually had to pop into my office to grab something – so that meant a commute into the Med Center. Because I was going at kind of an off time – it didn’t take me that long to get there. I painted my nails the night before and was checking them out in my car.


And yep, I got a new car. I needed a bit of a bigger car and ended up with a Range Rover. My husband is in the auto industry – so he brought this home to let me drive, and I liked it so much that we decided to buy it as my new car.

work from home

After that, it was back home to work from my home office – and I made myself a cup of decaf. I sure do miss my afternoon coffees.


I had some lunch! I forgot to take a picture, so this is an old photo of one of my current lunchtime faves: chicken salad with a sweet/spicy pickle and some spicy chips.

golden retriever

I worked until about 6ish, and we started on our evening activities (dog walks) because my husband was home by then. I was supposed to have a tennis lesson last night, but it got canceled because our instructor had to travel for work. A night off was fine with me – because my body has been telling me to slow it down a bit more.


Creamy Italian gnocchi was on the menu last night.


Followed by dessert. And then, I showered, climbed into bed to watch a show with my husband and snuggled my puppies!


So, I hope you enjoyed! Happy Friday – and happy weekending!


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