Weekend Edit: Austin Wedding Shower Edition

wedding shower

Happy Monday, friends! I hope your week is already off to a nice start. Anyone else have the Sunday Scaries yesterday? I’ll admit – I did a bit. My weekend felt way too short, and I just wasn’t ready to hop right into another week. But, I woke up, grabbed my coffee, got ready and started tackling email. And you know what? I got right back into the swing of things, and my inbox wasn’t as daunting as I had it cracked up to be in my head on Sunday night.

We had a wonderful weekend, so why don’t I hope right into it?

New book

The It Girl

I downloaded Ruth Ware’s “The It Girl” last night, and I got started on it. You know how I love a good thriller. While I didn’t make it far, I already know I’m going to enjoy it. I’m a big Ruth Ware fan (The Woman in Cabin 10 and In a Dark Dark Wood were two of my favorite from Ware). This time of year just calls for some good reading with some football on in the background.

Me time


I got in to see my girl, Myra, for a facial this weekend. She’s just really wonderful. I do the custom facials, and she takes her time, and I leave feeling like a whole new lady every time. She did a little bit of Microderm, tried to erase some of the sun damage I picked up from pool days and beach days this summer, we did some dermaplaning and she laminated my brows. It was the best way to spend my Saturday afternoon.


And, here’s my post-facial glow! That was taken a day later, and my skin still felt super hydrated!



Our Lovesac Sactional arrived on Friday (kind of unexpectedly). We ordered it last weekend, and I was thinking it would take much longer to arrive. But, I was working away on Friday, and our FedEx gal started dropping off loads of boxes on our porch.

I knew Aaron would have quite the project ahead of him when he got home from work, so I started with the smaller boxes. But, I had a tennis lesson on Friday night, so that left Aaron to his own devices. He had all the boxes in and unpacked by the time I got home from tennis. And on Saturday, he assembled our sactional. Here’s the deal, we are obviously huge Lovesac guys in this house. Love the Lovesac! But, the sactional took Aaron literally all day to assemble. When I got home, I was able to help put the covers on – and kind of help with the “shoes,” but if you order one of these….. just know you are in for an all-day project. It’s intense.


But, the end result, I love!!! Just pretend like you don’t see 1/2 of my old couch hiding back there (we haven’t quite had time to organize its next chapter). I ultimately love the color and the design that we chose. For those of you curious, we went with all deep seating in the vintage blue color – and we did end up adding in the Stealthtech technology, but we have not had time to hook it up just yet. This couch will work so much better for our family – and our lifestyle. It’s got more seating space for friends and family, and it will be an investment piece that lasts for a very long time!

Wedding Shower

wedding shower

On Sunday, we went up and back to Austin in a day to celebrate our friend Richard and his bride-to-be: Sarah. They had a couple’s shower, and we knew we didn’t want to miss out. It was so good to catch up with Richard’s family (he and Aaron are best friends and have grown up together since they were little boys), and to see some friends we haven’t seen in a long time. The drive wasn’t bad – only about 2.5 hours each way!

wedding shower

And here’s a photo of Aaron and I.

wedding shower

So, even though it was kind of a jam-packed weekend, we had ourselves a wonderful time! And, here’s to hoping that next weekend is a bit quieter – we all need that sometimes!


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