Friday Favorites Birthday Edition


Happy Friday! Even though this was a short week, I feel like it’s been packed full with work – and fun. This week, I celebrated my 36th birthday, which was a high point of the week. One of my favorite birthday deliveries was from my friend Andy. She sent over some cheese!


I felt so loved on my 36th birthday. Aaron and I have so many sweets in our house at the moment – I’m on sugar overload. Our friends sent a delivery of Crumbl cookies.


And Alice made me her famous lemon squares!

lemon squares

I got my birthday Starbucks drink – pumpkin spice latte for the win. It was much sweeter than I remembered though.


We had a birthday dinner with some friends on Wednesday evening, but I forgot to take photos because I was having too much fun!

I was reunited with my Spuds on Tuesday after our weekend away, and they required baths.

golden retriever

They love it when we dry them off!

golden retriever

I got caught back up on my puppy snuggles.

golden retriever

And, if you missed my post on our Waco trip, I’m still thinking back to how fun that was.


I snuck in a tennis lesson this week.

tennis lesson

And hopped on my peloton for some workouts.


Aaron and I are going to start taking a yoga class at our gym to add that back into the rotation. Yoga is one of my favorite exercises, and I always have the best sleep after I do yoga.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to a facial, and we’ve got a couple’s shower in Austin, so we are driving up and back in a day! Happy weekending, friends.


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