Friday Favorites: 9-16-2022

golden retriever

Happy Friday – we officially made it to the end of the week, and I am so ready for the weekend. With the crazy of last weekend, I have tried to keep my weekend as low key as possible. I’ve got a little tennis lesson this evening, and Aaron and I are having dinner with Alice at some point. We’ve also got church on the agenda, but other than that….. we are trying to keep it relatively quiet. Here are some of my favorites this week.

Sephora birthday gift

Sephora Birthday Gifts- Laura Mercier Powder and Eyeshadow Stick (minis) :  r/Sephora

I got my Sephora birthday gift this week. I went with the Laura Mercier pack, which has the loose setting powder and the caviar eyeshadow stick. Can’t wait to try it out this weekend!

Lululemon headbands


I picked up that Lululemon headband at the Baylor Bookstore when we were there over Labor Day weekend, and I love it for running. It’s still hot in Houston, so I’m still getting real sweaty during my runs, and I don’t love sweat dripping into my eyes. The headband is my go-to.

Easy crockpot dinners

beef and broccoli

Did you see my post this week on one of the easiest crockpot dinners? Hop on over to this post to try my crockpot beef and broccoli.

Wedding season

wedding shower

One of my unexpected favorites this year has been wedding season. We started 2022 off with just one engaged friend. And now, we’ve got two weddings taking place before the end of the year. So, we spent last weekend at a wedding shower, and I spent a large majority of this week planning a couple’s shower that I’m co-hosting in October. It’s fun to be back in a season of life where we can celebrate some important life milestones for our friends!



Ya’ll – I love our new Lovesac Sactional. Aaron got the Stealthtech technology hooked up, and it’s a game changer. I mean…. I knew I would love our new couch, but I love love love this thing. Bonus: one of our friends helped us donate our previous couch this week, so my house feels put back together again. Now…. to buy some pillows!

My Spuds

golden retriever

You didn’t think I would do a Friday Favorites without my Spuds did you? Spoiler alert: they love the new couch too. I was going to try my hardest to keep them off, but that lasted all of half an hour.

My new Hokas


Aaron got me a new pair of Hokas a couple of weeks ago. They are a different kind than the ones I used to run my half marathon. I am really enjoying how lightweight these shoes are. They are great for running some shorter outside distances (I’m not sure I would run a long distance in them because I need a bit more ankle stability), and on the Peloton. Big Hoka fan!

What I’m reading

The It Girl

I started Ruth Ware’s “The It Girl” this week, and it’s sucked me in. I’m thinking that I’ll probably finish it this weekend. I love a good thriller.

My cute cal Gal

golden retriever

Cali is just the cutest little gal! She’s a petite little thing. And, on October 7, both of the Spuds are going to get their spay and neuter surgery done. I’m glad we were able to wait until they were 18 months old to allow their hormones to fully develop – and their bone plates to finalize growth.

So, I’ll leave you with this:

golden retriever

Can a girl do some yoga in peace? In this house… apparently not.

You all have a wonderful weekend!


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