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Weekend Digest+ One Recipe You Need to Make this Week


Happy Monday! Anyone else’s weekend feel like it just flew by? I know I can’t be the only one. True to my word, I tried to keep it as low key as possible this weekend, and I mostly succeeded. I need more weekends like this one. Friday flew by, and someone delivered a birthday cupcake. Crave is one of my favorite cupcake places in Houston, and their vanilla cupcakes are some of my all-time favorites for a sweet splurge.


I took a little work selfie because I was having myself a nice little day on Friday.


And, on Friday night, Mariam and I had a tennis lesson. We have started working on our footwork, which has been interesting, and I mostly just feel kind of silly running around the cones. But, I’m still enjoying learning something new as an adult!




I started my Saturday morning off with a muffin. For some reason, the Spuds love these muffins. They can smell them when I’m heating them up, and they come running. They have all kinds of goodness in them like zucchini, carrots, dates, almond flour and more. I’ll have to share the recipe one day.

golden retriever

The weather has finally cooled down enough where I can walk my dogs on Saturday mornings after sleeping in a bit. So, I decided to spend some one on one time with each dog – and take them for solo walks (also recommended to help build confidence by our trainer).


I got an order of my Nespresso in the mail. The pumpkin spice flavor is actually really good.

And then, I had all these grand ideas of getting some errands out of the way (hello new couch pillows), but I planted myself on the couch, turned on some college football (sic ’em Bears) and gave myself some much needed relaxation for the remained of the day. Until it was time to head to dinner with Alice!

Jonathans the rub



Sunday morning started off with a grocery pickup and some protein pancakes.


And then it was time to get to those errands. I had a Costco run on the agenda. A mini run this time. And for some reason, I can’t ever get out of Costco without a new item for the dogs.


I also needed my breakfast sandwiches and some Topo Chico, which they are finally starting to stock again.


We were in desperate need of a new blender because my old one burned out. The Ninja is hands down one of the best blenders if you are a power user. I’m talking blending ice almost every day, which I do for my smoothies. Costco had these on sale for $69!


And, I got home and immediately made a protein smoothie (protein powder, spinach, almond milk, banana and frozen strawberries).

Bonus recipe

feta chicken

If you are in need of a recipe to make this week, why don’t you try my chicken two ways? One protein that makes two different recipes!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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