Friday Favorites: Black Friday Purchases + Lunch Edition

golden retrievers

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve been so tired this week. All of the excitement from last week must have worn me out. I’ve been falling asleep around 10 – and am still tired when I get up in the morning. Maybe baby is going through a growth spurt? It’s also been a busy work week for me – and I’m mentally calculating all of the to do’s that I have to knock out this weekend before the wedding. Things like choosing an outfit for the rehearsal dinner, picking up my dress from my tailor, writing a speech for the wedding….. Oh yeah, and I need to decorate for Christmas and knock out the majority of my Christmas shopping online.

Even though it’s been a super busy week, I’ve had some favorites this week. I also have a new favorite lunch I’ve been making on repeat, and I thought it would be fun to share some other recent random lunches!

My Goldens

golden retrievers

Look how cute these two were being this week. Also – take a look at all their toys in the background that they took out of their toy box! They’ve been extra clingy lately. They for sure know something is up, and they can’t get enough of me. Aaron and I joke around that they think their job is keep an eye on me all day (and night). I feel like I’ve said this so many times, but I’m so glad that we got two. It was a lot at the very beginning, and they are still very high energy, but Aaron and I were both familiar with the breed – and have gone into it with the mindset that they will calm down eventually. But, they love to play with each other during the days – and they are really just the sweetest.

golden retrievers

Here’s Cali working with me one evening this week. They really are never far from where I am, and I know that they will be the best little furry siblings to their brother. There is zero part of me that has concerns there will any issue with a baby. We will take the necessary steps to introduce baby to Tex and Cali slowly, but I don’t have any worries about aggression. I’m more worried that I’ll become chopped liver.

golden retrievers

And, here they both are trying to secure their spot on me. Aaron and I always watch a show on the couch before we go to bed at night, and that’s Tex and Cali’s time to snuggle. Most of the time, I’ll get one dog – and Aaron will have the other, but lately, they’ve been gravitating toward me. It’s like they know 🙂

Christmas Light Walk

Apple Watch

I was chatting with one of my friends this week, and we realized we hadn’t actually seen each other in person in awhile. She lives about ten minutes away from me, so we decided to meet up to walk my neighborhood one night to look at Christmas lights and catch up. We ended up doing about five miles – which was in addition to an additional four I got just by being active throughout my day. I ended that day with 20,000 steps. Maybe that’s why I’m tired? Haha. If you missed my post this week on running while pregnant, you can read it here.

Black Friday purchases

dagne dover

So….. my Black Friday purchases have been starting to roll in. I didn’t go crazy (my mom definitely did with some baby items), but I did manage to secure a diaper backpack I’ve had my eye on. When I went to Japan, I considered getting a Dagne Dover backpack for traveling, but I opted for one off Amazon instead. But, I knew I wanted a Dagne Dover diaper backpack, so I snagged one during their Black Friday sale. It’s got a ton of compartments, a changing pad – and is just generally really smartly designed. I went with the large, but it might be a bit large for me (I’m fairly petite). So, swapping for a medium is still in the cards. Bonus: my husband likes it too, and he says he wouldn’t mind wearing it/carrying it. A win win!

dagne dover

I also went ahead and ordered my breast pump (file that under things I never thought I’d say in 2022). My insurance will reimburse me up to a certain amount, but the one I wanted was just over that amount. With their Black Friday sale, it put it under the threshold, so I went ahead and bought it. I went with the double electric Elvie pump. Now, I’m not sure how I plan to feed the baby, and I figure that will all depend on what works for both of us once he gets here. If I can breastfeed, I certainly will, but if I can’t – I’m totally okay with formula feeding!

Lunches Lately

Lunches have been such a random mix of items lately. I have had a sandwich I’ve been making that I”ve had probably four times this week. It’s that good.

grilled ham and cheese

This grilled ham and cheese is everything! And no worries, I heat my lunch meat up in the pan before sticking it my sandwich. It’s all about the ingredients, and this one is made with Dave’s killer bread, Kerrygold butter, jalapeño mustard, a slice of cheese and some ham! And always with a side of apple slices.

white chicken chili

I made a batch of white chicken chili while my family was in town, so I had some leftovers for my lunch this week. This recipe is so good.

chia seed pudding

Sometimes, I eat smaller meals throughout my day – and this was one of those days. I grabbed some chia seed pudding, mixed it with granola and frozen blueberries. It hit the spot!


Leftovers have been my friend. When I make a batch of tacos for Aaron and I for dinner, I usually have some taco meat leftover. It’s great to eat as a leftover lunch the following day. I spice it up by adding fresh avocado and cheese to the top!


And my little favorite lunch obsession is Cava. The Greek Salad Bowl is perfection. It’s got mixed greens, hummus, greek-style chicken, olives, feta, tomatoes and dressing. It’s so good. I go about once a week.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be checking items off my to do list in preparation for wedding week next week!!!!


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