Friday Favorites + Changing Perspectives


Happy Friday, friends! I started my morning off with a cup of Nespresso (their tropical coconut flavor is back for summer)!

Nespresso coconut

It’s supposed to be an iced coffee, but you can drink it warm, and it’s just as good in my humble opinion. I hope that your Friday is off to a nice start. It’s been a good week – it was one of those normal weeks. Nothing spectacular happened, but I was able to check lots of things off my to do list, and I had a manageable workload. I checked in with some friends, and I’m just looking forward to the weekend! Here are some favorites from my week.

New recipes

sun dried tomato chicken

Have you tried my new sun-dried tomato chicken recipe yet? It was so good! One of my goals for this summer is to step outside of the box to add some new dinner recipes to my rotation. My goal is always to keep them to less than 30 minutes. If you are new around here, I try to simplify some of that “life admin” when possible. And yes, dinner falls under the life admin category for me. I don’t dislike cooking, but I’m all about making it as simple and as tasty as possible (and, I think it’s totally possible to do both).

Summer fruits


I am a summer fruit fanatic. Give me all the watermelon, all the pineapple and all those juicy peaches and cherries. I added a pineapple to my grocery order this last weekend, and it was delicious. Frozen grapes by the pool? Yes please. Give me all the summer fruits. Pro-tip: the best watermelons have a golden spot on them – and will sound nice and hollow when you give them a thump!

Engagement Season

Single Lets Toast Candles next to a the gold box with animated Champagne glasses over all print. There is a white label that reads "Lets Toast"

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve had a lot of friends get engaged lately. Because my love language is gift-giving (what’s yours?), I like to give my newly engaged friends a little something. Did you catch my post this week on some fun engagement gift? They range anywhere from $18 to less than $100.

My Spuds


One of my favorite things about working from home is spending time with my puppies. We wouldn’t have been able to get two if our situation was any different. In fact, if I were still working int he office, we probably would not have been able to get a puppy at all. I’ve so enjoyed seeing them grow up over this last year, and I secretly like how they love to work right by my desk each and every day. That’s Tex, and he likes to jump up on my chair to watch squirrels out of my window. If you’re part of the remote-work workforce – what are some of your favorite parts of working form home?

Leadership Committee

leadership committee

Speaking of work…. I was back down in my office this week. We had a leadership committee meeting, so I was onsite for that. One of the things that I miss about being back in the office is finding perspective. I used to be able to walk down to the hospital and have a reminder about why I do the work that I do. I have felt a loss of connection since being at home, so being back made me feel like slipping on a pair of my favorite shoes!

New perspectives


And, since I’m on the topic of perspectives, I changed mine a bit this week. I moved my office outside. There wasn’t time to get out for a walk, and I wanted some sun, so I moved my laptop outside! It was a nice change of pace and something I’ll try to do again! Changing perspective can sometimes help spur new ideas and creativity and it was just the change of pace I needed. A favorite for sure.

We had some other life admin to take care of this week, which included getting a quote to have our trees trimmed before hurricane season and doing a bit of maintenance around the house. This weekend, we’ve got all the plans to spend some time in the pool!


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