Weekend Digest: Feels like summer


Happy Monday! I’m starting my Monday off with two early morning meetings today! I also have two items that must be knocked off my plate before the end of the day. So, shall we talk about how the idea of things looming down the pipeline can affect a weekend? For me, I really try to disconnect on the weekend. I try not to look at emails – not because I’m avoiding them – but because I feel like it’s really important to truly unplug. As far as work goes, I really try not to work on the weekends unless I have an urgently critical project – and that can happen one or two times per year. I also try to put something on my weekend schedule that I am really looking forward to: maybe that means getting a facial, going on a long run, meeting up with a friend or having people over to the house. Now, I know the Sunday Scaries can be real, but I hope that you can minimize them as much as possible! My Friday morning started off like this:

This is the tree that sits right outside of my home office window, and it finally bloomed this week. This butterfly hung around for many minutes, and I just enjoyed relishing in the fact that several years ago the view from my office was all concrete. While it’s taken me a long time to really get used to working fully remotely, I can’t say I can complain about being able to glance out of my home office for views like these.

golden retriever

My Friday was otherwise uneventful, and we ended our Friday evening by walking the pups.


Because I felt like I spent a lot of time without people this past week, I put some fun things on my schedule for Saturday. Remember this baby shower that I went to in January?

baby shower

Well, Baby P. was born at the very end of February, and I needed to meet her. So, Aaron and I made plans to pop over Saturday morning to say “hi” to the newest member of our crew.

I dressed up a bit to say “hi.” And by dressed up, I mean that I really should have worn shorts because it’s hot as hades already in Houston. We went over to our friends house for some mimosas and waffles and to meet Baby P. Her dad has been a friend of mine since Baylor. He and I would hang out almost every day, and we’ve stayed in touch all these years. His wife also happens to be a Baylor grad, but I didn’t know her when I was in college. We need to start the Baylor brainwashing soon!

golden retriever

After we met Baby P, Aaron dropped me back off at home so he could go work for a bit. I exercised the pups by letting them swim. Side note: I wasn’t sure how much we would love our pool when we bought the house, but the dogs use it almost every day. It’s such great exercise for them. And, the humans of the house use it all during the summer and fall!

They were so tired after swimming, which was part of my plan, because my friend, Katie, came over. We wanted to catch up, so we decided to walk the neighborhood. We did 3.5 miles, and it was so good to catch up on life! Even thought it was hot, our neighborhood has tons of trees, so it didn’t feel like 90 degrees.

Aaron was painting a portion of his warehouse – so he was exhausted by the time he got home. So, we grabbed a quick dinner and turned on a movie. And by movie, I mean some trash TV – Bling Empire, I’m talking about you!


We started our Sunday morning off with a dog walk. Because it’s so hot out already, we need to walk the dogs early in the morning – or later in the evening. It’s too hot to have them walking in the middle of the day. And, I needed to get some of their energy out because we had some friends coming over.

hole in the egg

After our walk, we watched church online and ate some breakfast. I went old school – and made hole in the egg toast. Then, I grabbed our grocery order from H-E-B. God bless grocery pick up, which happens to be a lifesaver when I don’t have time to go shop for my groceries in person.

pool snacks

I made some pool snacks. On the menu today: salsa, chips and guac, French onion dip and some tomato and mozzarella skewers. Our friends came over, and we hung out in the pool for several hours!


Aaron grilled some hotdogs for us:


We cleaned up, and Aaron and I ended our weekend with an ice cream date.

ice cream

Even though it’s not officially summer, it sure feels like it, and I love a weekend spent outside! This week, I’m hoping to have some solo pool time where I can lounge with a good book (I’m thinking I”m going to start the Lilac Girls, but here’s my full reading list). I hope you all have a wonderful week.


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