Friday Favorites: December Edition

christmas Nespresso

Happy Friday – I feel like it’s been one heck of a first week in December. I am looking forward to the weekend – anyone else? I’ve got a fun little Friday ahead of me. I’m sitting here, drinking my Gingerbread Nespresso coffees, which are definitely showing up on my list of favorites this week, digging into email and several projects until I head out for lunch with a co-worker. Sharing some of my favorites this week.

Christmas decorations


This is just a tiny little corner of Christmas in my house, but it makes me really happy. This tree sits in my office corner, and it makes me feel really cozy while I work. I need to decorate the tree – and finish decorating the rest of the house, but it’s all coming together.

Peloton tread


The peloton tread has made it on my list of favorites. I’ve been trying to take a couple of classes a week, and so far, so good. I’ve never been a treadmill runner – if you’ve been reading here any amount of time, you know that I like to run outside. So, this has been a bit of a change, but it’s so convenient. I’m going to keep trying it out, and I’ll report back with a review.

Nespresso holiday flavors

christmas Nespresso

I ordered some more Christmas Nespresso flavors. I love the peppermint pinwheel – if you mix it with some peppermint mocha creamer, cinnamon and a bit of oat milk, you have yourself one delicious latte. The gingerbread is a new (to me) flavor, and it’s got a nice little kick to it. I actually kind of like it. Now, if you don’t like the taste of ginger, you aren’t going to love this flavor, but I didn’t mind it. I’m going to play around with some different recipes, and I’ll share.

Crockpot for the win

italian beef

I busted out the ol’ crockpot this week to make a tried and true favorite: Italian beef. I’m not sure I’ve shared this recipe before, but it could not be more simple. You also add in whichever types of veggies you like about an hour before it’s done cooking, and you have yourself dinner (with a ton of leftovers to freeze for a second – or even a third meal).


golden retriever

How precious is my sleeping pup? That’s Cali, and she’s the sweetest little thing. She aims to please, and just has the sweetest little temperament. Dogs aren’t allowed on the bed (how long am I going to keep lying to myself?), but she just jumps up there for a snuggle every now and then.

Sephora order

Sephora mini

I had to order a few things from Sephora, and I got the cutest little sample with my order. It’s the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia perfume. Ya’ll. It smells so good. I’ve always been a Flowerbomb fan, but I tested this scent out, and I actually really love it. It’s floral tones, but it’s not too sweet smelling. I’m going to keep testing it out, but I might end up buying the larger size.

Christmas gifts for kids

kids Christmas gifts

I have two god-children who live in a different state. My godson is two, and my god-daughter was just born several months ago. Their parents have a third kiddo as well, so I’ve been sending Christmas boxes for the last several years. I’ve been picking up a few small things here and there, and I just got this Doodle It and Go erasable book. It comes with some dust-free chalk so the kids can draw all they want on the blank pages. I can’t wait to wrap it and package it up in their little Christmas box!

Thanks for joining me for my Friday Favorites today, we’ve got a birthday dinner on Saturday, church on Sunday – and we might do a little date night tonight. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


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