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Friday Favorites – Fall-ish Things

Baylor women's council

Happy Friday, Friends. I hope your morning started off well! It’s a rainy morning here in Htown, which is one of my favorite ways to work. I’ve got a candle going, and I have a warm cup of coffee and my breakfast.

Friday morning breakfast

That’s some greek yogurt, with blueberries and granola. Delish!

I’m sitting here working on emails, and I’ve got a long list of to-dos on my list for the day. One thing I’m looking forward to is a meeting this afternoon with my Vice President to go over some of the highs – and lows – over this last fiscal year.

Baylor women's council

Another favorite from this week was the Baylor Women’s Council fall kickoff event last night. It’s one of my favorite events to go to each year. And, if you’re a young alum in any city, get involved! Take a friend – and go. It’s important to stay connected to your university, and affinity groups are one of the easiest ways to do so.

Baylor women's council

This event was a shopping event held at a Pretty Please Boutique in Houston. I had never been in, but it has such cute stuff. It’s got college stuff – and is a great spot for wedding, engagement or baby shower gifts. I bought some Baylor merch and some fun cups for a Halloween party.

Baylor women's council

The Women’s Council never disappoints with the Baylor swag they have on on hand. How cute were these cookies?

zoe's kitchen

So, while my tennis lesson was rained out this week, I did get to throw some fun into my week. We ordered Zoe’s Kitchen for dinner one night this week. Their hummus salad plate is delish!


I’m loving my Birdies. You can wear them around the house – or out of the house, but they feel like slippers. They are so cute.

gutter cleaning
gutter cleaning

Another favorite of mine this week was my gutter cleaning. Remember that hurricane that rolled through about two weeks ago? It brought a lot of wind – and a lot of tree debris in my gutters and on our roof. It had also been a while since we touched the gutters, so it was time. And, Aaron and I decided to gift ourselves with having someone come out to clean the gutters. This was one of those things that we could have done ourselves, and by we – I mean Aaron.

gutter cleaning
Super pleased with the “after”

There was no way in heck I was getting into those gutters – think of the creatures that could be up there!!!!! It also would have taken him awhile, and time is a commodity these days. So, I find a company here in Houston, and they came and were done in about 45 minutes. They bagged all of my debris, and I’ve got a clean house to show for it. They also blew a lot of debris in that pool, and they were out there with our net – to get it all out, which was much appreciated.

I do think we are going to install gutter screens as well. We’ve got some big trees that drop a ton of leaves, and the screens would help them from accumulating in our gutters. File this under things I never thought I’d be talking about. #Adulting

golden retriever | Houston

And, I can’t send you off to enjoy the rest of your Friday, without a photo of our Spuds. They discovered peanut butter this week – and didn’t hate it.

We are in for a rainy weekend, which I’m not mad about. I think I might bust out my fall stuff, ya’ll. Still undecided, but it might happen. I also need to organize our guest bedrooms, which I’ve been avoiding!! Whatever your plans, I hope you have a great weekend.


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