Friday Favorites – Fiesta Edition


Happy Friday – did you all have a good Cinco de Mayo yesterday? As you all know, Cinco is one of my favorite days to celebrate, and yesterday’s Cinco involved two of my favorite things: Tex Mex and being back in person with my team. But before I get into that, here is one of all-time favorite Cinco de Mayo photos. My sorority sisters and I all bought these dresses during our senior year spring break in Mexico, and we wore them out to Ninfa’s for a good ol’ happy hour our senior year.

cinco de mayo

I still own my dress – and I wear it at home when I’m feeling festive. It takes me back to some fun times. I love that they are back in style! Remember this sparkly car from last year’s Cinco?

pico's cinco de mayo

Speaking of last year’s Cinco, that leads me to my first Friday favorite.

The Last Supper

baby shower

We spent Cinco last year at Pico’s, which in my opinion, is one of the best Mexican restaurant in Houston. It’s been a favorite of ours over the years. And, one of our best friends is about to have a baby. Like – she’s due in a week. So, we went out to dinner with them to Pico’s. I’m so glad we could all get together before baby girl arrives. I can’t wait to meet her!

My Team Fiesta

team retreat

Because I work at a hospital – and I’m 100% remote….. it’s been awhile since my team has been able to get together in person. But, we were long overdue for a retreat, which finally happened yesterday. To tell you how nice it was to hug my co-workers that I’ve seen strictly over Zoom – is an understatement. It was wonderful to catch up, go over some big wins over this last year – and hear more about plans for the future. The theme was Fiesta, and we had ourselves the best time over four hours yesterday. As we move into the endemic stages of the pandemic, there will hopefully be more chances to connect in person. In fact, I’ve got another one on the books for June. So, in 2022, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend Cinco de Mayo.

Festive door hangs

the swirl girl

We’ve got double doors on our house. So, any existing wreaths I had before – I either need to find a match – or I put them in other spots in the house. But, I wanted to dress up my doors for Memorial Day Weekend – and the Fourth of July. When I was in Waco, I came across The Swirl Girl at the Spice Shops. And ya’ll, she makes the cutest door decor. She didn’t have any American stuff out, so I wrote down the name of her shop, and she’s on Etsy. She has some real cute stuff for summer – and I fully intend on buying some for fall and for Christmas! You can find her shop here – she’s reasonably priced, and the products arrived in great shape – and they are so cute.

The swirl girl



The Spuds have been extra cuddly this week. It could be because I’ve been tied to my office chair. I had several deadlines that needed to be addressed before the retreat. So, in the evenings, they have been dying for some attention. I sat down on the couch, and they jumped right up and got in my lap. So much for the whole “no dogs on the couch” rule.

Taco night

taco night

And, in honor of this week, we had ourselves a nice, little taco night. I love some sautéed bell peppers as an easy way to make taco night fancy. It’s one of my favorite dinners to make in a pinch! I always use grass-fed beef for our tacos.



I hope you didn’t miss my post on the Theragun earlier this week. It’s an ongoing favorite and it really deserves an honorary mention in my Friday favorites each week.

Easy breakfasts

best breakfast

I’ve had some early morning meetings, so I’ve needed quick breakfasts that I can eat at my desk. I’ve never been a big breakfast person, but I do need to eat a little something. My favorites are Fage yogurt, Autumn’s gold granola (grain free) and a fruit (blackberries, cherries, fresh mango, pineapple, blueberries). So good!

Mother’s Day

I will leave you with this! That was last night – back in my office – trying to wrap up a project after being MIA from my laptop for the afternoon. I’m not complaining though, I knocked it out – and the weekend is right around the corner! Do you have any fun plans for Mother’s Day? We aren’t seeing any of our moms in person, but I’ll be thinking of them and of some of my favorite ladies who are moms – or about to be moms. Maybe you aren’t a mom, but you want to be one – I’ll be thinking of you too. And you know what, I hope you do whatever brings you the most joy this weekend. Maybe it’s a glass of wine out on your patio, maybe its an evening walk with a friend, maybe it’s dinner out with some of your favorite people – maybe it’s binging a Netflix show (Inventing Anna was a recent favorite)! No matter what season of life you are in right now – embrace it – because a new one is always just around the corner.


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