Friday Favorites + Next Week+Travel Tips for the Home


Happy Friday, friends! I started my Friday (technically) yesterday. I say technically because I was supposed to have the whole day off, but I spent the better part of Thursday morning trying to wrap up a last minute project. But, I was still able to log off at a decent time and wrap up some last minute things around the house. We are headed out this afternoon for our trip, and I can’t wait. What type of trip prepper are you?

I’m the type who likes to come home to a clean house, so I try to make sure all of my ducks are in a row before I leave. Here are my must-do’s before I head out.

5 Things to Check off your List Before a Vacation

packing | St. Louis
  • Make sure all of my dishes in the sink are washed and put away. Listen, no one wants to come back to a sink full of dirty dishes. Do yourself a favor – and at least get a load started in the dishwasher before you head out of town.
  • Inside trash gets thrown away. This is another item that is a must-do on my list. I have Aaron throw away our inside trash. We have valet service in our neighborhood, which means that even if you don’t take your trash can down to the curb, the company will grab your can and empty it! That way, we don’t come home to a smelly house!
  • We do one last laundry load. Ya’ll know that I’m all about simplifying items when I can. We are all busy. If I can grab all the dirty clothes out of all the dirty hampers before I go, I know that I will come home to clean clothes. And, I can get started on our trip laundry right away. I might necessarily have time to fold my pre-vacation load, but at least we won’t come back to dirty clothes! Hot Tip: Throw in any dirty towels you use for showering and switch your towels out with clean ones.
  • Vacuum. This is kind of a daily item on my list right now since my dogs are shedding like crazy. But, I like to do one quick sweep through with the vacuum. That way, I can ensure that my floors will be clean when I come back!
h-e-b curbside
  • Do a grocery order. I don’t always have time for this, so sometimes I do it when I’m traveling back to Houston. But, if you know you will need a fridge restock when you are back, place a curbside order that you can grab on your way home – or at some point the following day. My days back are always very hectic because I try to get caught up on piles of emails, so if I know that I’ve got a grocery order waiting for me at the end of the day, it’s one less thing to have to worry about. It makes the transition back to reality all that much simpler!

So there you have it – super simple things you can check off that list to make life easier when you get back!

Next week’s schedule


Speaking of simplifying….. I’ll be taking a blogging hiatus all next week, and I’ll be back the following Monday. Aaron and I are really taking some time to try to unplug as much as possible to gear us up for an incredibly busy second half of 2022. For me, that means taking some much needed time away from the computer and the phone and spending some quality time with our dear friends.

Here are some favorite moments from my week.

Puppy School

golden retriever

Obviously this is a big favorite. This was our second class, and we practiced loose leash walking, leave it, stay and some general distraction tips. I have a lot of people ask me what is on Tex’s face. No, it’s not a muzzle. In fact, when dogs wear this Gentle Leader, they can still eat, open their mouth, bark, chew, etc… It’s meant to work like a horse harness, and you can redirect their nose. It’s great for big pullers – and even really excitable dogs. I’ve used them for Tex and Cali, and they are wonderful tools when used correctly.



I had not had a facial since May, so I was in dire need before our trip. I went to go see Myra on Wednesday evening, and I feel like a new woman. We did some brow tinting, derma planing, microdermabrasion, and some extractions. I feel so much better. After this summer, we are going to do a chemical peel, which I’ve been wanting to try. So, stay tuned – it more than likely will happen in October.

Errand uniform


Yes, it’s hot in Texas. Which means that everyone has the AC cranked up. I don’t like being cold, so this is my uniform for running errands: leggings, sandals, a tank top and a sweater.

Healthy Eats


Ya’ll, my pesto salmon is the easiest to make! I’ve been trying to add more protein into my meals, and salmon is a great source. I top it with some pesto and garlic – and pop it in the oven. It truly is one of my easiest weeknight meals. I always add a veggie on the side. This week, it was roasted Brussels – sone of my faves. Do I need an air fryer? Someone told me that veggies are delicious in an air fryer!

Setting spray


I ordered a “best of Taste” sample box in a recent order. It had some items I really wanted to try, like the mascara and the Tarte’s Shape Tape Stay Spray. And, I’ve been loving the Stay Spray. It helps set your makeup all day (even in this Houston humidity), and it gives you a nice glow. I’m ordering the full size in anticipation of an upcoming bachelorette party in Mexico.

Okay, friends. That’s all I have for this week. We are off to the airport – fingers crossed flights aren’t delayed (I’ve heard some horror stories lately)!


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