A Festive Fourth

Fourth of July

Happy Wednesday, friends. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. Mine began early afternoon on Friday, and it was so nice to have a long weekend away from my computer. The burnout can be real, and there is so much to be said whenever I put my computer and phone down – and enjoy living in the moment. That said, we had a relaxing, festive Fourth. And, this week is another short one for me – Aaron and I are headed out for a vacation later this week. I’m so excited! Here’s what we were up to this weekend.


watermelon margarita

I closed up shop around 2:30 in the afternoon, and I ran out for some quick errands. I needed to acquire some items that I needed for the dogs for puppy school. After that, Aaron and I made plans for a date night. Tex Mex sounded good to both of us, so we headed over to Pappasito’s where I had a watermelon margarita. I fully intend to play around with a watermelon margarita recipe before the summer is over.



I started my Saturday morning off with a little breakfast outside. It’s been incredibly hot here in Houston, and if we don’t make it out super early to walk to the dogs – we miss our window. We opted to sleep in a bit, so that meant, I let the dogs get in some pool time for exercise on Saturday.

golden retrievers

They love the pool. Banana Boat is making dog toys that float in the water, and I grabbed one on Friday. They are big fans!


The rest of Saturday was a trip to Target to pick up some necessities (like wine) for a dinner later that evening. I also needed to grab a few items for our upcoming trip. My friend and her mom were in town watching our neighbor’s boys while our neighbors went on vacation. It’s a small world, but my friend is my neighbor’s sister. So, they had us over to dinner. And, it was just one of those evenings where there was no shortage of things to talk about and catch up on. Aaron and I went over around 7, and we were chatting and enjoying good food, good friends and good wine until 1 in the morning. If ya’ll need some good wine at a decent price, I always love Meiomi – and this TX blend has been a good choice several times now.


Aaron and I slept in on Sunday. Sidenote: I’m clearly no longer in my 20s, and a night out hits differently these days 🙂 I used to be able to stay up and out until 2 in the morning. And, I definitely feel it more these days. So, we had a much needed late start to our Sunday morning.

Aaron grabbed us some donuts, and we watched church online. I met Alice in the afternoon to get a pedicure, and she and I grabbed some lunch after that. I don’t have pictures from anything on Sunday (am I the worst blogger ever) because I was honestly just enjoying some time sans technology.

After our nails, Aaron wanted to go to Lowe’s. Now, I understand that sounds far from exciting, but we’ve been talking about enhancing our fence in the backyard with some cute, little flower boxes. So, it’s something that I could get on board with. After Lowe’s we had to go grab a few new clothes for Aaron for our trip. We called it an early night and watched some Ozark on the couch. We are still going strong with that show!

The Fourth

Fourth of July

We had some friends over for the Fourth of July, so we started our morning off with a dog walk to let them burn off some energy.

Fourth of July

After that, I got my backyard prepped and ready for guests.

Fourth of July
Fourth of July

I got to work on my snacks. Of course, I had my cowboy caviar and Italian chopped salad on the menu.

Fourth of July

And, we enjoyed time with friends and time in the pool! That was our weekend. This week, I’m trying to get all my work accomplished so we can head out of town without guilt!


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