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Friday Favorites: The Spuds Turn 1

golden retriever

Happy Friday to all! This week has flown by thanks to our little trip last weekend to Nashville. We got a whole bunch of rain in Houston on Monday, which was the perfect time to light some candles, unpack and unwind after my workday. It’s been a good week, friends – and it’s brought to you by Tex and Cali’s first birthday!

Tex and Cali turn 1

golden retriever

We celebrated Tex and Cali’s very first birthday last night. And by celebrated, I mean they got some extra dog biscuits, and I got some cute pictures out of the whole thing. You better believe that these balloons will be repurposed for a friend’s birthday this weekend!

golden retriever

My Cal-gal is just the sweetest thing. She was the runt of the litter, but she’s got a whole lot of sweetness! Cali is our independent dog, and she will be the one to come to you when she wants to snuggle or a pet. She’s smart, and she is the best listener.

golden retriever

And Tex – well, he’s our wild guy. He’s large and in charge. He knows all kinds of words like cat, squirrel and chicken (our neighbor has some). Tex loves his people hard, and he’s been the best addition to our family. We loved celebrating our Spuds!


vitamin c

I’ve been taking it relatively easy this week. I believe in taking the proper time to let your body recover after a long run. We’ve been going on our evening walks, but I’ve avoided running. I did start to do some light weight and strength training this week but nothing too major. One thing that is new to my recovery this time around is this lypo-spheric vitamin C. It’s the purest form of vitamin C that you can find, and it helps with muscle recovery – and a whole host of other things such as immune system support. You mix a packet into a little bit of water and drink it down. Because it’s in gel form, it gets delivered directly to the parts of your body that need it the most. I’ve been taking a packet every day this week – so has my husband. And, I’ll keep you posted on whether I think it makes a significant difference.

Race Nutrition


I keep talking about this, but race nutrition is half the battle. And these skratch gummies gave me just the boost I needed. I ate the ones with caffeine because that helps with my headaches. These were new to me this training cycle – I’m normally a Gu girl, but I wanted to try something different. I would use these again – they were low on sugar, high on sodium and contained caffeine. I’ll explore some other flavors, but the sour cherry gummies were great.



Speaking of nutrition, Sonic dates are one of our favorite things to do when the weather starts warming up. I wanted a cone – but they didn’t have any when we went. I opted for a sundae instead. Gosh I love Sonic!

Traveling with my favorite guy


And, one of my Friday favorites is traveling with my husband. We are very compatible travel partners – and that matters! We both like to go exploring – and to see cities in different ways. We were supposed to go to Thailand in 2020, but the pandemic derailed those plans. And you know what, that’s okay. It’s a bucket list trip, and it gives me some more time to plan it – and it gives Aaron some more time to free up his schedule. It’s always nice to have things to look forward to. Instead, we’ve enjoyed some weekend getaways here and there, and our Nashville trip was so much fun. We’ve got a fun trip planned somewhere new (to us) with some of our best friends in July, and I cannot wait!

On that note, I’ll leave you to your Friday. I hope that you are celebrating your end of week in a way that brings you the most happiness.Maybe you have a pizza night at home with a nice glass of wine – maybe you go see a movie – or have a dinner out with some friends. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend.


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