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Bellamy brothers

Happy Monday, friends. How are we already in May? I felt like April just started a few days ago, yet here we are. This weekend also marked the first day that it officially felt like summer in Houston. And if it was any indication, it’s going to be a hot one. We had a fun weekend celebrating our friend, Mike, and his birthday. While it can be difficult to make friends as an adult, some of mine and Aaron’s best friendships today – are all friends that I’ve made outside of my college days. You just have to put yourself out there (and nurture those friendships you do make).

Mike was a former neighbor of ours. I met him because he and his wife, Amy, had two pugs – and I would always walk Sawyer by their house. We got to be friends – and one night, we invited Mike over while Amy was out of town. And, the rest is history. Turns out, Mike and Amy own a real estate business, and they were the ones who found our house. Over the last year or two – we’ve all grown closer, and I”m so glad. So, it’s just proof – that you never know how you might meet someone – you just have to be receptive and open!



On Friday I had a real exciting dentist appointment. I’ve been having some jaw pain in the mornings when I wake up. So, after chatting with my dentist, we decided that I needed a night guard to help ease some of the tightness I’ve been feeling. I had to go in to get a mold taken of my mouth – as well as my regular cleaning. Super thrilling stuff. Next Saturday, I’ll go back in to collect my new night guard. Is this was adulting is like?

crave cupcakes

After I wrapped up work on Friday, I picked up some cupcakes for the birthday boy. Crave is my favorite dessert stop in Houston for birthday treats. How cute are those Astros cupcakes? Those were a funfetti flavor. While I was at Crave, I also grabbed some birthday treats for the dogs.

crave cupcakes

And, I wrapped up my Friday evening with a little Peloton walk/run. This was my first time running since the half marathon, and I felt great!


We stayed in Friday night and watched some movies – it was the best way to end our week.

Saturday and Sunday

world market

I slept in on Saturday morning, and Aaron grabbed us breakfast tacos. After a slow start to my Saturday morning, I uncovered our pool furniture for the first time this year. We are officially ready for pool season! After placing a grocery order online, I headed to World Market. I was searching for some new cushions for two of my outdoor chairs. I needed round ones, but I could find any in the size I needed. However, I did find some decorative items for my house.

golden retrievers

After that, I did a strength workout at my house, and since I was sweaty, I took the dogs for a walk. It was hot, so I let them cool off in the pool when we got back. After that, they thought it would be real fun to roll around in the dirt. #goldenretrievers.

golden retrievers

So, they needed a bath. By the time I was done with that, it was time to get ready for Mike’s birthday. Amy bought tickets to go see the Bellamy Brothers at this cute venue a bit outside of Houston. It was in Hockley, Texas, and Aaron and I had never been.

mike's birthday

Here is the birthday boy in action. Here’s a clip of the Bellamy Brothers.

The name of the venue was 2920 Roadhouse. They have events throughout the year, and I would 100% go back. The music was good, the crowd was good, the food was decent – and it was just about a 30-40 minute drive from where we live.

Bellamy brothers

We had such a fun night!

And, on Sunday, we watched church from home, grabbed our groceries, and I had lunch with Alice! It was such a nice weekend. No Sunday scaries here (at least not this week). I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.


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