I’m Back!


The last time I popped on here was last Monday, when I shared part I of my travel guide to Punta de Mita, Mexico. And then, well, I sort of disappeared. It was just one of those weeks. Work was crazy, I’ve got these two tiny pups who need lots of attention, and my house renovations were still going on. Needless to say, I was operating on literal and figurative fumes. And, in the effort of practicing the self-care that everyone is preaching about, I had to dial back on some of my to-dos.

house Reno
sneak peek

But, now that the Reno is done, I really feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I have my house back, ya’ll. Granted, we still need to move things back where they belong. I’ve got just two items on the house to do list this week: Get our rugs cleaned and have someone come in to deep clean the house. At the end of it all, we had 22 holes that we’ve been living with since our pipes broke during the deep freeze in February. As a result, we had exposed ceilings, flooring that was damaged – and a host of other fun things.

I really felt like I was in house purgatory. It was a lot of sitting and waiting – and anticipating the waiting. I just can’t believe all the work is done, and I’m absolutely thrilled. I’ll do a post later this week about all of the repairs/renovations we ended up doing, but my house is better than when we bought it in February.

cuddle puddle

So, I figured I’d jump on here to say, Happy Monday, and that I hope all of you lovely people have a fantastic week. I’ll be back to regularly-scheduled programming this week, and I realize I need to finished sharing my travel guide to Punta de Mita, share more about house repairs and update you all on our pups.


In honor of this Monday, I’ll give you photo dump of my weekend. On Saturday, the crew came to wrap up the finishing touches on the house. And, luckily, they wrapped up early, because we had plans to go see the Astros play! Gosh I missed going to the games. We went with two of our friends, and you better believe I got myself a ballpark beverage and hotdog!

Houston astros

And, if you know anything about me, you know that Jose Altuve is one of my favorite players – and there he is at bat:

Jose altuve


And, on Sunday, we rested. We gave our dad’s a phone call, and I sent some cards earlier in the week. But, Aaron and I were both exhausted. The puppies get us up about once per night, which is not that bad, but we were also getting up pretty early to let the crew in. And, we felt like it was our first day to relax in a really long time.


So, we decided to have some pool time. Just the two of us – and the dogs, with no zero plans on our schedule. It was amazing. I got myself in my massive swan float and took some time to read one of my favorite books: The Two Lives of Lydia Bird.

golden retriever puppy | swim lesson

We also gave the pups a bit of a swim lesson. They’ve been curious about the pool, so we wanted to show them what it was all about.

golden retriever puppy | swim lesson

They didn’t hate the water, and they are still pretty curious about it. Baby steps. They are still teeny tiny little things! We got rained on, so we moved the party inside to start moving some furniture back to where it belongs!!!

And that, my friends, is what I’ve been up to. So thrilled to back here – and on a bit more of a regular schedule. I’ll be back tomorrow with possibly a Bachelorette recap – or possibly the second part of my travel guide to Punta de Mita.


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