Memorial Day Recap

pool floats

Hope you enjoyed my post on our short trip to New Braunfels this last weekend. We headed back to Houston Sunday so we could host a little Memorial Day get together. It’s been a hard year for so many people. In our friend group, we’ve all experience some of loss or hardship over the last year. And, if there’s anything that I’ve learned to appreciate over that last year, it’s that having a community of people is so important.

Our big summer gathering is typically on July 4, and I knew I wouldn’t have a ton of time to go all out, but I did want to have a few friends over for some quality pool time. Yes, my house still has holes in it. But, I appreciate that my friends really just don’t care. Aaron and I invited five of our good friends to join us for some pool time and some good food.

What’s on the menu?

red potato salad

My Memorial Day menu needed to be quick and easy. I knew that I wouldn’t have a ton of time to grocery shop and to make a bunch of stuff. So, I placed an HEB curbside pickup order Sunday on our way back to Houston. It was ready for pickup bright and early on Monday. Here’s what was on my menu:

  • Chips and salsa
  • French onion dip
  • My mother-in-law’s potato salad (I’ll have to share the recipe at some point when I’ve taken more photos)
  • Burgers and hotdogs on the grill

I also had plenty of Ranch Waters stocked up in my fridge – and our friends supplied some more adult beverages. Our friends supplied some jalapeño poppers and some mac and cheese! Needless to say, we had a ton of food!

Pool Floats

pool floats

Several of our friends gave us some really fun pool floats when we moved into our house. And, I blew allllllll of them up yesterday. Friends, I was using a manual pump, and I got my workout in. Thinking I need an electric pump for my pool floats because they are a little out of hand. That swan float took me a significant amount of time to inflate 🙂

j.crew: swim skirt with ruffle hem for women, right side, view zoomed

After that, I was ready for some pool time. I forgot that I ordered this swim skirt last year, and it came in handy as something to put on real fast so I could get in and out of the pool to grab stuff as needed!

Target Kaufmann dining set

I loved putting my outdoor dining set to good use! Hope your short week is off to a great start! I’ll be back on Thursday with some more fun.


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