Sea Island, Georgia: Part II

I’m back today recapping the second part of our trip to Sea Island, Georgia in 2019. You can read the first part here. I left you guys hanging at the dinner portion of our evening. And, it really deserves it’s own post. Seriously. It was that good.

The Georgian Room

Georgian room | sea island

I didn’t have one bad meal the entire time we were at the resort, but I had one of the top five meals of my life at The Georgian Room. We knew we wanted to do one really nice dinner during our vacation, so we made reservations at The Georgian Room our second night. We went with the five course menu, and it. was. incredible.

Georgian room | sea island

Every element of the meal was unique and delicious. But, my very favorite dish was the very last course, which was a crepe, filled with cheese that was curated by their in-house fromage expert. He wheeled his cheese cart over to the table, and filled the crepe with the cheese table side. It was so delicious. Sara and I still talk about that cheese-filled crepe. The dinner was delicious, and we had some of our best (and favorite) company to enjoy it with.

Day 3

sea turtle nest | sea island

We had a very special excursion planned for Day 3. I’d like to say it was mainly planned for our youngest traveler, but it was for the adults as well. I mentioned in my first post about Sea Island that they are known for their sea turtle. In fact, hundreds of turtles come and build their nests on sea island. So, they do sea turtle excursions, and if you time it just right, you might see the hatchlings head down to the ocean. Aaron and I are huge animal lovers, which should come as no surprise, and I am all for supporting experiences that support conservation of our native wildlife. Sea Island does it right.

sea turtle nest | sea island

We headed out bright and early to get the best view of the nests and the turtles. Our guides took us around on a golf cart, and it was a magical. The staff at the resort mark and number all of the nests throughout the course of the season, so they know exactly where to look. Now, we didn’t see any hatchlings – or sea turtles, but I got a through education, and we got to start our day off watching the sun rise.

bmw | sea island
bmw | sea island

When we got back to the resort, the guys wanted to try out one of the most special features of the resort. They allow Sea Island guests to drive their collection of cars around the resort property. They just happened to have the latest and greatest BMW model on site, so of course, Aaron and Brent had to take it for a spin. Now, if you are new here, Aaron owns a wholesale automotive business here in Houston, so we are a car family. Our friends – own a dealership back in St. Louis, so they are also a car family. So, they couldn’t not test drive the car.

sea island pool

After that, we spent the rest of the day exploring the property and headed over to the one of several pools at the resort. These are nice because they have a cafe right by the pool so you can grab a bite to eat while you swim!

We ate dinner that evening at Southern Tide, which was another onsite restaurant. It was our seafood dinner and was absolutely delish.

Day 4

Sea Island | Fishing

We had our fishing excursion planned for the day. Again, the boats are onsite at the property, so you don’t have to go anywhere. We met our captain down by the docks.

Sea Island | Fishing

There was a lot of shark catching that happened on the boat. I was too scared to touch this one – so I had the captain allow me to pose by my shark. It was all catch and release!

Sea Island | Fishing

Even our youngest traveler got in on the fun!

There’s Aaron, reeling in his fish.

We saw some dolphins!

It was a great excursion all the way around. Our guide had everything: bait, fishing poles, sunscreen and drinks for us to enjoy!

Sea island | the cloister

After our fishing trip, we enjoyed our last day at the property. We explored some of their outside areas and visited the room where the G-8 summit was held.

G-8 summit
G-8 summit

Our trip to Sea Island was magical in so many ways. It’s truly a hidden gem off the coast of Georgia. We can’t wait to go back sometime in the near future. Most importantly, though, was quality time spent with our friends.

Enjoy the weekend!


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