Thursday Tangents

baby shower

Happy Thursday, friends! I was able to get a little tennis in on Tuesday night, and I’m still sore this morning. Our instructor couldn’t make it, so my friend and I went to go practice anyways while the weather was warm. Let’s just say, we need to probably continue practicing with our instructor for awhile longer. This is going to be the most random of Thursday Tangents.


And, last night, I was able to get a strength workout in. When I’m training for a race, I’ve learned that I am at my best running shape when I’m adding in some weights along with my running. It makes me faster, and I feel stronger!

Yellowstone (TV Series 2018– ) - IMDb

On another note, Aaron and I have started Yellowstone. I get what all the hype is about, and I’m totally sold on this show.

bath bombs

They gave out the cutest favors at the baby shower I went to last weekend. Bath bombs and eye masks.

Japanese face mask

I’ve been using face masks lately because my skin tends to get dry when it starts cooling down. When I was in Japan, I picked up a ton of face masks, and I’m finally at the end of my stash.


Remember those Hoka’s that I was trying out? Well, I’ve decided that I really like them. They have a wider base than my Glycerins, which I believe provides me more stability when I strike. They are also incredibly light weight – and are really breathable. I think I might give them a try for my half marathon. This is kind of a big deal for me, because I’ve run all of my races in my Brooks Glycerins. But, the last two pairs I got seemed like they lowered the ankle a bit – so I feel like I have less support.

Theragun Prime

We also picked up a Theragun recently. Aaron hurt his back, and we’ve both heard wonders about using percussive therapy for recovery – and for rehabbing injuries. It has a whole host of other benefits including deep muscle treatment. You can use it as a warm up – or as a recovery tool. I’ve been using it on my IT bands, and it not only feels good, but I feel a legitimate improvement as the days go by. Once we’ve used it a bit more, I’ll do a more thorough review. I’m also a big fan of using the foam roller to help target some of those tight muscles in my legs, calves and back.

golden retriever

These two have been working with me all week. Those bones you see in the photo are Benebones. We received them as a gift, and the pups love them. These bones are sturdy, and they have kept the dogs occupied while we work. They have fun flavors like bacon and salmon, but you can’t smell them at all (just the dogs can). Big fans over here!

baby shower

Here is an actual photo of some of the ladies from the baby shower this past weekend.


And finally, on the most random of tangents this Thursday, I received a sample perfume in my Sephora order about a month ago, and I’ve been loving this scent in January.


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