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golden retriever

Happy Monday! I had some very early morning meetings on Friday, so I had to take a bit of a blogging hiatus. Once my day got going, it was pretty busy. So, I’ll fill you in on our weekend, which we kicked off early on Thursday night.


Jonathans the rub

Our cold front came in on Thursday, so our weather was in the upper 30s and 40s all day. I wrapped up around 6:30, and Aaron and I met two of our friends for dinner at Jonathan’s the Rub. Our friends, Mike and Amy, are our realtors, and we’ve got some fun projects on the horizon later this year. And, of course, Jonathan’s is never a bad meal. I had the shrimp and grits, which is one of my favorite dishes there.


I knew that I was going to be relatively busy this weekend, so I placed a Costco order via Instacart. I’m an Instacart Express member, which is a free membership through one of my Chase credit cards, so the delivery is free – you just have to tip your driver, which I’m happy to do because it’s a big time saver.


My Costco order arrived around 10 a.m. directly to my porch, right along with my Nespresso order.


See that double espresso dolce on the bottom left? It’s delicious. I froth some oat milk and cinnamon – and pour that right into a cup of the double espresso dolce, and it’s the best little morning treat.

Apple Watch

After I wrapped up work on Friday, I needed to get some movement in. When I said I had been sitting at my desk all day, I was serious. So, I hopped on the Peloton (because it was so cold outside), and I got just under five miles in. It’s my Apple Watch goal to go just over 152 miles for the month of January. That equates to about 10,000 steps a day – or about 5 miles each day. It’s easily achievable when I do dog walks – and actually get up during the day.


We did pizza night at the house after I worked out, and we had the fire going, and we watched some Netflix. I maybe made it through half a movie before I was falling asleep. It was a cozy little Friday night, complete with some hot chocolate bombs.

hot chocolate


I started my Saturday morning with a grocery pickup from H-E-B. The one by our house is so busy, and I try to do my pick-up times as early as I can because otherwise, I sit and wait in the car for about half an hour.


After that, I had my facial appointment. She was doing hydrofacials on all of her clients because the weather has been drying out everyone’s skin. So, we did some derma planing, a hydro facial and a jelly mask. That jelly mask felt so good at the end of my appointment. It’s applied over your entire face, including your lips and eyelids, so everything gets the hydration benefit. I felt like a whole new woman after my appointment. My husband actually wants to give it a try, so he’s scheduled for next month!


After my facial, I headed home to take the dogs out for a walk. The weather warmed up to about 50 degrees, and it was sunny and perfect out. After walks, I had time for some puppy snugs before Aaron and I headed out to go see a movie. It was the perfect chilly Saturday night activity!

golden retriever


We woke up and got ready for church. This was our first time back to in-person church this new year. We’ve had several activities the previous Sundays, and it was good to be back. We swung by their book store on our way out to pick up our pastor’s new devotional. We got one for our family – and one for our friend.


Once church was over, we grabbed a quick lunch at Torchy’s. Their taco of the month was delicious. It was a simple ground beef, with some potatoes and a spicy sauce.

golden retriever

I took Tex on a walk! His gentle leader training is going well. He’s a pretty good walker except for when he sees a squirrel.


Then, I got a workout in. I tried Adrianne’s Thunder 45 class on the Peloton. It’s a mix of running and strength training for 45 minutes. It was a good workout, and I’m sore today! We got up to a 10% incline at one point. We started off in a walk, and I thought we might stay there, but he asked us to run!


After my workout, our friend came over to say hi and watch some football, and Alice dropped off some of her stew for dinner. Alice always makes large batches of food, and we are lucky enough to receive the extras when she makes too much. She’s so sweet to do that because it saves me some time from cooking!

We wrapped up our Sunday night with…. you guessed it: Yellowstone!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. We’ve got some rain headed our way today (apparently a lot), I’ve got a tennis lesson, some runs planned, a vet appointment – and some dinner plans!


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