Weekend Edit: Outside Edition


Happy Monday! I’m off work for the next couple of days for a fun little adventure. More on that later this week, though. So, I’m coming at you from my office, but I won’t be there for long. Houston had some gorgeous weather this weekend. And, while I went into the weekend with a relatively blank slate, I quickly filled up my schedule with some fun things.


lazy oaks

Friday was mostly calm. I had a work project that I needed to finish, but it wasn’t a big item on my plate. By the time I wrapped up Friday evening, the weather was as perfect as it gets here in Houston. It wasn’t humid, and it was in the upper 60s. It was basically begging for a patio – and an adult beverage. So, Aaron and I walked the dogs so they could enjoy the weather too. And, we headed straight over to a local beer garden in our neighborhood. We sat outside on the patio, had an adult beverage or two – and just had ourselves a lovely little date night.


My Saturday morning started off like this:


And then, Aaron and I did a pretty thorough clean on the house. Aaron’s best friend, Richard, was headed into town to visit his grandma, and he was staying the night at our house. Even though I keep the house at a decent level of clean, I really like it to be really clean for overnight guests. So, we decluttered our space a bit, changed out the guest bedroom sheets for fresh ones, mopped and put allllll the laundry away. After that, I had several errands that I needed to take care of. And by errands, I mean I missed Target – it had been a month or so since I had been.


That was my errand running outfit on Saturday!


I’m experimenting with some nutrition during my long runs. I used to eat the Gu Chomps, but they no longer make the flavor I like – or the bite-sized chomps, so I need to find another alternative. I also grabbed these to try:


Stay tuned – I’ve got a long run coming up this weekend, and I’m going to sample the flavors.

trader joes

After Target, I headed off to Trader Joes to pick up some staples. I grabbed some cauliflower gnocchi, some fruits and veggies, some salmon, mango juice and some peanut butter cups 🙂


By the time I got home, I knew I needed to knock out a run relatively quickly, so I hopped on the Peloton for a 45 minute endurance run followed by a dog walk. It was hot outside!

I had just enough time to grab a shower before Richard arrived. Aaron and I got ourselves ready, and we headed to sit on the patio at Lamonte’s. Sorry – no pics. I honestly forgot. It had been awhile since we have seen Richard so we had a lot of catching up to do. We headed home and stayed up chatting until midnight.


protein cakes

I woke up and made some pancakes before Richard hit the road.


I prepped some of my make ahead breakfast burritos.

Then, Aaron and I made our way outside to tackle our flower beds. Look – we have this big tree right in front of our house, and she drops a ton of leaves. Our yard guy gets the leaves out of the yard, but they’ve also been accumulating in our flower beds. And, I had some dead growth that needed to be cut down and cleared to make way for new growth. Here’s a photo of the before.

front yard

That big tall plant growing up the side of my house is a lantana, and unfortunately, it needed to go. It was kind of unruly – and it was just time. So, Aaron cut it down. I cleared a ton of leaves – praying the whole time I wouldn’t encounter any sort of creatures. Spoiler alert: I did not. We also trimmed down all that dead stuff you see.

front yard

Here’s the after. I need to assess to see what all comes back before we decide to plant anything else. I love that pink ground cover because it’s super hearty. But, at least we got the leaves cleared – and the big plant cut down and out. We still have the whole other side to do, but we go started on some of the weeds and leaves. Aaron is thinking he wants to possibly put in some new landscaping on the other side. Stay tuned – it’s a work in progress. And a green thumb I do not have!

By the time we were done with that, we took the dogs on a walk, ate some dinner – and I got to packing and getting ready for this week’s adventure! So, happy Monday, friends. Can’t wait to share what we are up to.


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