Weekend Edit: Spring Preview


Happy Monday, friends. I’m sitting here at my desk this morning, with a cup of coffee, waiting for the rain to come in to Houston. We are in for a rainy day – and a real cold front later this week. But, this weekend was fabulous – it was an unexpected spring preview. Saturday and Sunday both started off in the 50s, but ended in the 70s. It was so nice to be able to spend a lot of time outside before we brace ourselves for the next couple of weeks of cold. And, for you all who spend an entire winter with snow and cold temps, I admire you! I’m not a cold weather gal, and when it’s below 40 degrees, I have a hard time 🙂


Erin Condren

But, enough about the weather, let’s chat about our weekend. I’m going into this week optimistic that it will be lighter on the meeting side (you can read about last week here) so I’ll have more time to accomplish work tasks. I couldn’t wait to wrap up my work day Friday afternoon. I’m old school when it comes to planning out my weeks and months. So, as soon as I had some spare time on Friday afternoon, I got to work planning out February in my Erin Condren Life Planner.

After that, Aaron and I went to go grab Chick-fil-a, and we had ourselves a nice little evening in!



I had to run some errands Saturday morning. I ran to the vet to pick up the dog’s flea/heartworm meds, and we did a grocery pick-up at H-E-B after that. I’m not sure I’ve actually made into the grocery store at all in 2022, and I’m okay with that. Grocery shopping isn’t my favorite activity. Still loving my Free People shacket. It’s so comfy.


Cali is in heat, so we can’t take the poor gal out for any walks right now. But, since the weather was so great, we spent tons of time out in the yard playing with the ball and cleaning some leaves out of our pool.


After that, I snuck in a 30-minute Peloton workout! I find myself choosing classes based on the music – if it doesn’t have some 2000s pop or some gangster rap, it’s just not for me!

steamboat house

I hopped in the shower, and Aaron and I headed to dinner to meet two of our friends at Steamboat House restaurant. If you’re like me, you had never heard of it either. But, it apparently has quite the reputation in Houston for it’s Texas memorabilia inside the restaurant. And, Saturday was their last night in business, so my friends wanted to go check it out. It’s a family-owned Houston restaurant, and you could tell. The owners were greeting everyone, and we had the chance to chat with them a bit. They sold the restaurant to retire. The husband isn’t doing well health wise, and his wife needs to act as his full-time caregiver. They were lovely people, and you could tell they were well-respected by their staff (which says a lot) and all of the customers who knew them by name!

steamboat house

Our meal was delicious, and I had the Texas Cannonball for dessert. Fun fact about me: I’ve never taken a Texas history class because I grew up in California. It’s on my list to do at some point.

steamboat house

Texas memorabilia lined the walls, and it was neat to read up on some state (and local) history.


We woke up and headed to church. I’m going to say what I’m about to say, so please don’t take this the wrong way. But, the church parking lot – has some of the worst drivers. I don’t know if they are distracted – running late – or trying to make it to post-church lunch. But, whatever it is, it’s a battlefield out there. We had to park in the overflow lot, but the sermon was something I needed to hear today. Our pastor preached on wealth – and not allowing money (or your job) to direct your path in life.

pet store

After church, I took Tex to the pet store to pick out some new toys. He’s been having a hard time since Cali’s been in heat. He doesn’t understand, and the poor guy is just doing his best. Tex did a really good job in the pet store. He received lots of pets, and he got lots of treats.

smart bones

Smart Bones for the win!


Tex was so grateful to go on an adventure.

run fast eat slow

After that, I popped some of this chicken soup in my crockpot.

chicken soup

And, a few hours later, it was ready. It was delicious, and we have a ton of leftover that you all know I’m freezing for a dinner at some point in the near future!


But, before dinner, I was able to get in a 5K outside. I had to take advantage while the weather was perfect. So, I hit the trails solo, and I got in a glorious 3.1 miles to close out my weekend!


I’ve got some Bachelor watching plans with some of my friends tonight, and I’ll be back on Wednesday and Friday this week with some more fun!


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