Friday Favorites

canoe race

Happy Friday, friends! I’m headed down my office in the Medical Center in a bit to meet one of my co-workers to help her clean out her office. We are all slowly making that transition to working from home one hundred percent of the time forever. So, I’m up early this morning trying to get through some emails. I’ve got quite a few projects on my plate, but I’ll be able to dig into those later this afternoon.

This week went by too fast. I kept trying to get my feet under me, and before I knew it, it was Thursday. It’s been a good week, though, so let me share some of my favorites.

The Bachelor in Paradise finale was Wednesday. It’s one of my favorite Bachelor-related shows. And, while I enjoyed watching this season, the three-hour episodes were…. a lot. Was so happy to see three proposals at the end – and Grocery Store Joe, one of my personal faves, got engaged.

lunchtime run

I had a meeting get canceled on Tuesday mid-afternoon. The weather was so nice outside that I grabbed that as my sign to go out for a run. I got three miles in, and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. It felt nice to get out there and sweat before I wrapped up my afternoon.

golden retrievers

My Spuds turned five months old, and they are getting so big. One of my favorites this week was reminiscing with you, about how far they have come. You can read their five month “Pupdate” here.

hello fresh lunches

Lunches at home have gotten kind of boring. When I was down in the Med Center, I could walk myself over to the cafeteria, and they switched their menu up frequently. So, I decided to think a bit outside the box and order some Hello Fresh meals for lunch. We tried one lunch – and a couple of their dinners this week, and I’ll share more about the dinners in another post, but this caprese sandwich was pretty good! Aaron and I both enjoyed it, and it was a nice change from the usual.

canoe race

This sweet little memory popped up onto my newsfeed this week. It’s the time I won a canoe race. You can read all about that story here, but it’s a fun memory that I cherish – and talk about frequently.

houston | tennis lessons

I got a tennis lesson in this week, and the weather was 71 degrees. Mariam and I were not on our A-game, and our instructor was not taking it easy on us. We each had to hit three good serves in a row, which is harder than it sounds. Let’s just say we went through an entire basket of balls trying to get that accomplished so we could head home. I was so sore yesterday!!!

I think we have plans to find some of the larger decor pieces for our house this weekend, we’ve got dinner with some friends, church, and I’ll be decorating my house for Fall. It’s time 🙂 I hope that whatever your plans are, that you have a fabulous time.


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