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killens in the heights

Happy Monday! I’m starting my morning off with a cup of (you guessed it) Pumpkin Pie Spice Nespresso – with a side of about four meetings. Anyone else have more meetings since you moved to remote work? I had an equally restful and busy weekend over here. My house did not get decorated for fall, but that means it’s 100% happening this coming weekend – hopefully coupled with another “fall” front. So, let’s dive right on in.


office clean out

I had to pop over to my office on Friday to help a co-worker finish clearing out her office – and finish wrapping up mine. If you are new-ish here, my office down in the Texas Medical Center is getting sold. And, my Division is moving to remote work forever. We will have hot desks in another building that is part of my hospital, along with some conference space. But, I’ll never return to my same office that I had before the pandemic. With that comes a lot of cleaning – over the last 8 years that I’ve been at my job, I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. And so has everyone else.

office clean out
My office is ready to go!!!

So, I met my friend, Cindy, on Friday, we cleaned and moved. But the best part was lunch. I hadn’t seen her since last March, and she is hilarious. I so missed hearing her jokes in person, and it was a big highlight of my week.

office clean out

While I was in the Med Center, I swung by to pick something up from my new building. They are building a new complex called the TMC3 right behind my new building. And they have broken major ground since I saw that area last.

By the time I got home on Friday, I was exhausted. Moving is hard work. Aaron and I ordered in some Thai food, and I was asleep on the cough by about 9:30, which is a new record for me. I can’t remember the last time I fell asleep that early, but I’ll take that as my body telling me I needed some good sleep.


By the time I woke up on Saturday, I was ready to go. I did my usual Saturday morning cleaning routine. And, I took each of the dogs on a separate walk. They love their walks.

That’s Tex on his little walk. And here is Cali:

After that, Alice and I went to lunch. Escalante’s for the win. Now, the shopping center where Escalante’s is located, has already decorated for Christmas, which was kind of shocking. I’m over here – not even decorated for Fall yet, and they had full-on Christmas decorations out. I’m not ready. Are you?

Eagan Large Multipanel Wall Mirror 44" x 55" | Pottery Barn

After that, we headed over to Pottery Barn. I’m still putting some finishing touches on the house. I bought the Egan mirror that I’ve had my eye on for awhile now. They didn’t have any in the store, so it will arrive within the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait. My dining room will be finished. I also bought some tiny decor pieces. to finish off my half bathroom in my laundry room.

We headed around to a couple of other stores for some inspiration!!!! After I headed back to the house, Aaron and I had dinner plans with two of our friends!

killens in the heights

We went to Killens in the Heights. They were building this when we lived right down the street, but they hadn’t finished before we moved. It was delicious. I got the meatloaf, with a side of fried okra. We also had the bacon appetizer – and some queso.

killens in the heights

I was a happy girl.


We slept in on Sunday – and Aaron had a stomachache, so we watched church from home. After church, we had kind of a lazy day for while, until I had to go run errands.

Aaron and I headed to Costco for a couple of things – and then we ran to the grocery store – super exciting things 🙂 By the time we made it home, it was time to feed and walk the dogs. The weather here was super soupy this weekend, so we didn’t spend a ton of time outside, but we are supposed to get a “fall front” later this week. And, that’s how you know you are an adult!

We finished our evening by starting Squid Games!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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