Friday Favorites

golden retriever

Happy Friday, friends! It’s good to be back for a good ol’ Friday Favorites. This week has been a whirlwind, and I’m looking forward to a low-key weekend. So, I’ll just jump right on in to my Friday Favorites this week.

Team retreat


I had a team retreat this week, and it’s always nice to be back together (in person) with my team. I miss the “water cooler” talk the most when I’m working from home. Sure, we zoom and call and text, but nothing beats seeing them in person. We have lots of items coming down our pipeline over the next couple of years, and it was nice to get some planning underway for our upcoming fiscal year.

My goal is to be more intentional with meeting up for lunches to see my team in person over these coming months.



We had to swap out our Peloton when we got back from vacation. It kept giving us an error message, and it was still under warranty, so they completely replaced our machine with a brand new one. I missed it, and it was nice to hop back on my Tread for a 45-minute run this week.

Puppy School

golden retriever

The spuds are in their last couple of weeks of puppy school, and I’m so glad we decided to do it. It’s been a bit of a commitment – we need to get ourselves out the door with two dogs on a late Wednesday evening. However, we have definitely picked up some great techniques to help keep the spuds focused, and I’ve seen a change in their behavior for the positive. We are going to keep up with their training, and like anything, consistency is key.

House guest


That brings me to my next point. We are fostering a little dog over the weekend. He arrived Wednesday night, and it’s been…. a lot. Long story short, but our friend owns a rescue, and she’s going out of town, so we offered to watch little Petey Pablo. He’s incredibly cute, but he has some fear aggression issues. He’s this teeny tiny little guy in a house with some large, rowdy puppies. So, it’s been a bit of an adjustment for him. Petey Pablo came with us on our family walk last night, and it was so nice to see him interacting and walking with our dogs – doing normal dog stuff – not stressed. I hope we can do some good work with him over these next couple of days. It’s been good for the Spuds too – it’s been a practice in control for them for sure. Dogs are so special to both my husband and I, and even though it’s a lot, it’s nice to be able to help where we can.

Summer Days

grilling and chilling

We are still over here enjoying our summer days. One of our favorite things to do has been to grill out by the pool. We invited some friends over and spent hours out there on Sunday. My husband made some boudin-stuffed jalapeño poppers, and they were the stars of the show. You can probably find me out there again this weekend.

Spud tax


Aren’t my spuds cute? They are forever a Friday Favorite around here.



I’ve been doing grocery pick-up at H-E-B recently, so I haven’t been inside the grocery store in awhile (it’s really not my favorite). But, this past weekend, I didn’t place an order in time, so I had to go inside to do my shopping (first-world problems). But, I forgot how much I love to find the hidden gems. They always have new items from local farms on hand, and I wouldn’t necessarily know about them unless I went in the store. And, this week, they had milk from a farm in Terrell, Texas. They had blueberry milk (which I’ll grab this weekend), and we tried the cold brew coffee milk. It’s delicious and great for frothing and adding to my morning coffee.

Miscellaneous memes


This meme’s continue to amuse. That is all. And if that isn’t me in a nutshell 🙂

And finally, I don’t have a photo because I’ve absolutely procrastinated on this, but I need to finish ordering decor for my bestie’s upcoming Bachelorette party in Cabo. I’ve got analysis paralysis, but I really need to knock that out this weekend. I also am on the hunt for a neon swimsuit, among some other loose ends that need to be tied up for this Bachelorette! Happy Friday, friends. Have a fab weekend.


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