Friday Favorites: Fall-ish Edition

Nespresso pumpkin spice

Happy Friday. This week has been fast and furious, and I can’t believe we’ve already found ourselves at Friday already. Even though it’s been fast, I’m glad we are here. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and that you’ve got some fun plans for the weekend.

Friday Fall Favorite

Nespresso pumpkin spice

My friend delivered a special surprise to my door yesterday evening: some Nespresso Pumpkin Spice pods. If you’ve been reading here for any amount of time, you know that I’ve been waiting for a fall flavor, and Nespresso delivered. So, you better believe I’ll be enjoying some pumpkin coffee this weekend!

Special Delivery

Tiff's treats | exclusive furniture

I mentioned that Aaron and I bought some new furniture for our house a couple of weeks ago. We bought a new bedroom set and two mattresses. And, the furniture store was sweet enough to send a Tiff’s Treats delivery to our house this week as a thank you. Much appreciated – and much enjoyed! I get to thank people as part of my living, and I thought this was a sweet gesture.

Bachelor in Paradise


Did you catch my BIP recap this week? I’m thankful there will only be one episode each week from here on out because let’s be honest…. four hours a week was a tad overkill. The whipped cream toe graced our presence this week – and I was disturbed. I’m not sure you could pay me to lick anything off of my husband’s toes? But, whatever floats your boat.

Hurricane Nicholas

hurricane Nicholas

While Hurricane Nicholas is certainly not a favorite, he did come through pretty fast and furious on Monday evening. This storm was predicted to drop some pretty significant rain over Houston. But, by Monday around midnight, we only had a bit of rain, so I felt okay going to bed. If you aren’t from Houston, you might not understand the fascination with the weather, but when storms come through – things can happen in a pinch, so it’s better to be alert to monitor what’s going on.

We woke up to minimal rainfall amounts, and just a bit of debris in our yard. It could have been way worse so I was fine with having to pick up a few branches here and there.

The Spuds

spuds | houston golden retrievers

Okay – the Spuds will probably be a Friday Favorite every week, so sue me. They are so cute. We’ve started walking them around the neighborhood every day, and I’m so proud of how they are learning to walk on their leashes. All in all, they are pretty good dogs. Tex discovered squirrels this week, and he’s kind of obsessed.

One year anniversary

Kansas City steaks

We celebrated our house-closing anniversary on the 14th. I can’t believe an entire year has gone by since we closed and bought the house – it truly feels like yesterday, although we’ve done a lot of living in that time. To celebrate, our realtors (who were truly the dream team), sent us some steaks! It was such a nice treat.

Ended the week with a fortune

p.f. Changs fortune

We ordered in some P.F. Changs for dinner one night this week. Aaron and I were working. I had been in meetings for the better part of my day (the worst), and he was working away in his office. Before we knew it, hours had gone by with both of us in front of computer screens. You know that feeling where you just kind of feel like a zombie from staring at the screen all day? That was us. So, we took the Spuds on our evening walk and ordered in. The best decision – and an even better fortune. Ya’ll know how much I enjoy traveling, so that was a winner for me!

Happy Friday friends. I hope you enjoy some cooler weather – I may or may not decorate my house for fall this weekend – I’m completely undecided. A pedicure is more than likely in my future this weekend! Whatever your plans are – enjoy.


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