Bachelor Recap

Bachelor In Paradise Recap

I’m back today recapping last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise. To catch you up – last week’s episodes focused on the pre-show relationship between Pieper and Brendan and Chris and Alana. Chris and Alana got voted off the island, which I can’t say I’m sad about. I wish that everyone would go after Pieper and Brendan with the same energy that they did with Chris and Alana.

A Rose Ceremony

This week starts off with rose ceremony talk. The guys have the roses this week, and we have 9 guys and 14 girls left. I feel for Natasha. Brenda led Natasha on to get a rose. And, as soon as Pieper showed up, Brendan jumped ship – and was honestly gaslighting Natasha.


Kenny is in a love triangle with Demi (who he went to the Boom Boom Room with…) and Mari. And can we please talk about how much I loved Tituss as the host (any Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fans here?). I want to revisit this Brendan and Pieper situation. They had a relationship prior to the show, and they both came on for Instagram followers – even though they were already essentially in a relationship.

The Brendan+Pieper Saga


They played a game – and Natasha was the pawn. I like Natasha – I love listening to her on Clickbait with Joe and Tayshia. I’m really hoping this is setting the stage to voting Pieper and Brendan off the beach!


And yasssssss! Grocery Store Joe leads the charge to confront both of them! Joe rolls up with his posse – and he starts spilling facts. I’m sorry – Brendan is a liar. He straight up came on the show for more Instagram followers. It’s almost like Pieper has never watched the show before – she’s not following Brendan’s lead with the story. They also perhaps wanted a free vacation.

This is not a good look for Brendan. He had a fabulous edit on Tayshia’s season – I thought they might also have given him a Bachelor edit. Talk about a 180 – he’s getting a terrible edit on BIP – and his decline in Insta followers prove it.

I don’t like how Brendan keeps trying to reiterate that Natasha has zero chance with any of the men on the beach. She’s got so much to offer – and he’s showing his true colors. He used her. He needs to go! Can these two just get off my screen? Annnnnd…. they peaced out. Adios!

Riley and Maurissa play a game


Ya’ll. I’m not sure I’m loving this whipped cream game that Riley and Maurissa graced our screens with. Here are the rules: they draw cards that tell you what body part you have to eat whipped cream off of. I drew the line at the toe. Umm…. excuse me ma’am? I would not be eating whipped cream off of anyone’s toe. No ma’am. Aren’t they sticky? Whipped cream and sand?



Next up for drama on the beach: we’ve got the “TBT Love Triangle.” We’ve got Tammy who was originally paired up with Thomas. But last week, Becca took Thomas out on a date – after receiving Tammy’s blessing. Thomas and Becca hit it off, and Tammy is really feelin’ the remorse about giving her blessing to Becca. It’s also Tammy’s birthday, so I feel for the girl. But, as Demi said: Tammy and Thomas are a bust.

The Rose Ceremony

Natasha gets a surprise rose so she can stay a little bit longer!!!! So, that means four ladies went home tonight – here’s who got roses:

  • Maurissa and Riley
  • Serena P. and Joe
  • Ivan and Kendall
  • Noah and Abigail
  • Kenny and Mari
  • Tia and James
  • Thomas and Becca
  • Aaron and Chelsea

The ladies who went home were: Demi, Tammy, Jessenia and Deandra.


After the rose ceremony, one of my faves, Lil’ Jon, shows up as the host of Paradise. Yessssss.

Blake Molnar (The Tatty Daddy) shows up – he was from Clare’s season. And he apparently makes Tia’s “vagina dance.” So here we are. Blake pulls Tia away for a chat, and James is sweatin’ it. Blake takes Tia on the date.

Natasha’s Second Chance


Dr. Joe (a true gem of a human) shows up on the beach, and he takes Natasha on the date. Things go well until Natasha shares what happened between her and Brendan. Dr. Joe and Brendan are friends. And…. you could feel the chemistry disappear almost immediately. But can Dr. Joe be the next Bachelor please? Someone needs to wife this man up.

The episode ends with Serena contemplating the “L” word. And Kendall contemplating her previous relationship with Joe. It’s got tp be hard to have such significant history with someone and to watch them fall in love with someone else.


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