Friday Favorites: Short Week Edition

seaside, Florida

Happy Friday- I’m back today with some Friday Favorites. Even though I’ve only worked two days out of this week, I feel like I’ve worked a full week. Email jail is real, ya’ll. (I call my email backlog email jail, because it can sometimes take a full day to get caught back up). Even though it was a short week, it was a great week. Let’s dive right on in.

First Friday Favorite: Birthday celebrations

seaside, Florida

I so enjoyed turning 35 this year. And the birthday celebrations didn’t stop on Tuesday. We’ve got some dinner plans with some of my favorite Houstonians tonight to keep the celebration going. I can’t wait. We are headed to Jonathan’s the Rub, which I’m looking forward to giving a try.

My dog sitter

golden retriever

I’m sure you are wondering who watched our puppies while we were gone (and maybe you aren’t, but I’m going to spill the beans). I typically use my dog sitter in the Heights, but she hasn’t met the puppies just yet. So, I had our friend, Simon, come stay at the house. He did a wonderful job. I can tell when the dogs are stressed, but these two sweet things were as happy as could be when Aaron and I got back home on Wednesday.


Aaron and I always download some Netflix for the plane ride! Several of our friends have been talking about Clickbait, and since it was a short season, we dove right on in. It was an ending that I would never have guessed. It was good and worth a watch.


It was my first time to Seaside, Florida, and I understand what the hype is all about. I can’t wait to recap my trip for you next week. It was the perfect way to end summer!

Canton Trade Days


My mother-in-law and I headed to Canton last Saturday and Sunday. I’ll recap that for you next week as well, but it was on my Texas bucket list. I had a great time, and I would definitely go back.

Coffee+ cooler weather


Nespresso has been the TRUE MVP of my two work days. I’ve been getting up early and headed to bed late. When does Nespresso come out with their Fall flavors? I still haven’t brought myself to get a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks because it’s just not all that cool in Houston yet. However, we are supposed to get a bit of a cool(ish) front this weekend, and I can’t wait.

Beach Reads

Ya’ll. It’s been a bit of awhile since I’ve read a book. Between the puppies and house renovations and life…. reading hasn’t been on my to do list. I love to read, though. So, I grabbed some beach reads before we left. You know that I love a good thriller. I grabbed “Hostage” from Barnes and Noble, and it’s one of those I won’t be able to put down. I got a good start reading it on the beach, and I can’t wait to finish it this weekend. Nothing sounds better than some cooler weather and curling up on my couch with a cup of coffee and a good book!

Final Friday Favorite: Lip Mask

And, for my final Friday Favorites: lip mask. My lips have been so chapped lately. I don’t know if it’s from spending lots of time out in the sun – or if part of the problem is mask-wearing. Regardless, I’m typically a Burt’s Bee’s gal all the way. But, my lips needed some extra love. I jumped on Tarte’s website and bought a jar of the Awake lip mask. It’s so good. It keeps my lips hydrated all day – even when I was at the beach. It smells great, it feels great – and it works.

So, I hope you enjoyed today’s very random compilation of Friday Favorites. I hope your week was filled with all things great and that you have a wonderful weekend ahead!


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