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Friday Favorites: Officially Fall Edition

astros hotdogs

Happy Friday morning, friends! I’m up early on my day off trying to knock out some quick errands before we head out of town for the Baylor/UT game. I can’t wait to make it back to campus. By the way, the weather is glorious fall weather this morning. I can finally walk outside without my hair turning into a frizz-fest. So, in honor of the fact that it’s officially fall, and the start of Halloween weekend, let’s get right into it, shall we?

Zoo Boo

houston zoo boo

I kicked off this glorious fall week with Zoo Boo at the Houston Zoo. It was so fun, but I wish the cool front would have come in before I sweated my way through the zoo.

Favorite fall recipe

pumpkin sausage pasta

I shared one of my favorite fall recipes earlier this week. This would be great to make for Halloween night too!

Walk down memory lane

Baylor homecoming

I enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane earlier this week by sharing some of my favorite memories at Baylor University. One of my first stops this weekend will be Common Grounds – and the Baylor Bookstore.

Dog Days of…. fall?

swimming golden retriever

The pups have been loving the pool this week. I love it because swimming is great exercise for them. But, it’s cooling down now, and I don’t want them going in water that’s too cold. Their swimming days might be over for the next couple of months, so they are enjoying it while it lasts.

Fall fertilizer

yard fertilizing

I’m not really super handy when it comes to the yard. I know I don’t like dead grass. So, when I heard on the news that fall is a great time to fertilize the yard, Aaron and I got to work. He’s got this handy tool that spreads the fertilizer, and I took a pass with it! Fingers crossed that this will mean a nice, plush lawn come spring?

World Series

astros hotdogs

Okay, how is this not a first one my Friday Favorites list? Aaron and I have been watching the first two games of the World Series this week. So, we’ve been staying up late for the games to be over. It’s 1-1, with the next game tonight. I’m a ‘Stros fan through and through, so I’m hoping they crush it – and can bring another World Series win home! In honor of this, I’ll grace you with my famous Astros hot dog photo. I didn’t know my friends were taking a photo – and this is the end result! Go ‘Stros.


work from home

I love my co-workers. They are a Friday Favorite today and every Friday. Tex loves to work right next to me. He’s my velcro golden all the way, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. He pops in on the occasional Zoom meeting, and I’m living out my dream of “bringing my dog to work.” (and yes, I realize that I needed a manicure like yesterday – and I also don’t think I’m going to have time to get one until next Saturday. You win some, you lose some).

Fall Candles

yankee candle three wick tumbler

I am a candle connoisseur. Specifically when it comes to fall candles. I used to be a big Yankee Candle fan, but their designs and their candles were a bit outdated. So, I switched to Bath and Body Works, but I feel like their scent doesn’t last long enough. I also love Illume candles from Anthropologie, and they are my favorite if I’m feeling like a candle splurge. But, for your everyday candles – hear me out.

Yankee candle recently introduced their 3-wick tumblers, and they are incredibly cute. They really upped their game. So, I bought some of my favorite fall scents (apple pumpkin and pumpkin spice) and they arrived this week! Love. Them. They are a great price for an every day candle, and they are definitely more modern looking!

So, let’s end on that note. It’s been a wonderful week, and I’m excited to recap my Waco weekend!

What are your Halloween plans? Aaron is headed to the Texans game Sunday afternoon, and I’m popping a pot of chili into my Instant Pot. I’ve got my candy ready to go and some scary movies turned on for the festivities. Our neighborhood gets a ton of trick-or-treaters, so I’m ready to pass out some candy in a big way!


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