Friday Favorites: Sick Week Edition


Happy Friday, friends! Did anyone feel like this week flew by? How is it Friday already? Before I get into, I loved to see the Golden State Warriors win last night! Did ya’ll watch?

Golden state warrior win

That was a favorite of my week. But, what hasn’t been a favorite this week – is that Aaron has been pretty sick. He started to go downhill Monday, and he’s had a pretty nasty cold all week (not COVID luckily). So, he’s been relegated to the sick bedroom – and he’s been trying to keep a pretty low profile.

Summertime at work means a bit of a slower pace. So, I try to schedule all my doctor appointments when I know I have the best chance of getting away from desk. This afternoon, I’m popping out for a quick physical. And, let this be a PSA – to get your physical every year. My doc is thorough and takes bloodwork each and every time. My dad’s side of the family also has some heart conditions (my dad had a bundle branch block – and has a pacemaker), so my doc always runs some test on my heart just as a precaution. While going to the doc isn’t a favorite necessarily, it’s one of those necessary evils, and I’m just proud of myself for getting this on the calendar and sticking to it.

Water spuds

It’s been hot hot hot in Houston, and my Spuds just love the water! We put the sprinkler out, and as you can see, Tex and Cali loved it. I don’t mind them getting wet because I know they will dry off quickly in this heat.

New AC


Speaking of heat. We had our new garage AC unit installed on Monday! As a first time homebuyer, the advice everyone gave us is that there will always be something. But, it makes me feel like I’m investing into the house when we make replacements or upgrades. And now, my garage is cooler than ever when I hop on my Peloton! For those of you curious about our garage gym in Texas…. the AC is a critical component. Our garage door also has insulation that’s been added, which helps keep the cool air inside. Our new unit can be operated through an app, so I get it going about an hour before I know I’m going to workout – and the garage is cool by the time I head on out there!

New hair


I’m loving my shorter hair. We took about 6 inches off, and it’s been fun playing around with a new style. I can wear it curly, straight – and it’s still long enough to throw into a bun. One of my favorite products to help combat the frizz, is Living Proof’s anti-frizz spray. It’s a lifesaver in Houston humidity! Living Proof No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray : Beauty &  Personal Care

Sweet Treats

nothing bundt cakes

This blueberry bliss flavor from Nothing Bundt Cakes is delicious. That’s all. I don’t have anything more to say in the matter, other than I might have to pick another one up this weekend.

Healthy Dinners

greek chicken salad

To balance out my sweet treats, I love a healthy, fresh, easy dinner. And I’m still thinking about my Greek chicken salad. I had it for lunch a couple of times this week, and I think that I’ll probably make it for dinner again next week and double everything so we can eat it for lunches.

chicken soup

Since Aaron has been sick, I sure was happy to find some frozen immune-boosting chicken soup in my freezer. I made a batch of this awhile ago, and stuck the leftovers in the freezer. That’s a life hack that I fully embrace as the author of a blog called “The Simplywed.” If you’re cooking for two, don’t be afraid to freeze extras to eat as leftovers another time. I do it frequently, and there is no shame in my game. Life gets busy – why make it harder than it needs to be?

Father’s Day

father's day

We aren’t going to see either of dads in person this Father’s Day, so I made sure to get some cards in the mail! What are you doing for Father’s Day? I have the best dad – he is smart, he is such a hard worker, and I so wish that he and my mom lived closer! Whatever your plans are for Father’s Day – I hope you have fun.



I’ve talked about Tarte’s Lip therapy lip mask is a favorite of mine! I was running low, so I ordered the peach flavor. Tarte’s products are cruelty free, and this lip mask is so hydrating. I apply it at night before bed, and my lips have never been more hydrated. I don’t have to reapply chapstick several times during my day, and it has a very slight tint.

Dinner out with friends


And, last but not least, was a dinner at Lamonte’s this week. I brought desserts home for Aaron and I – since he couldn’t go because he was sick.

That’s all for today, friends! Happy weekending!


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