Friday Favorites: Time Change Edition

Veterans Day | marine corps

Happy Friday! Anyone else struggle with the time change this week? I’ve got my hand raised. I’m a night owl regardless, but I’ve had a hard time this week shutting down my computer when it’s already dark out. I feel like my whole day is gone. To combat some of these time change blues, I’ve made it a habit to continue our evening routine as best as possible. We still head out for our evening walk with the dogs – but now we’ve got flashlights. Dinner with some candles lit to make it cozy (these are my current favorites – on sale for $15).

Friday fave 1

Veterans Day | marine corps

We celebrated my favorite veteran yesterday: my husband. For those of you who have been around here for a bit, you know that my husband served in the Marine Corps. And while, it isn’t always easy for veterans to return back to normalcy, my husband had a great example in his dad – who served in the Vietnam War. In a world where our daily freedom is taken for granted, thank you to those who have served our country proudly. Less than 1% of the U.S. population decides to serve, so the ones who make that choice are truly extraordinary individuals no matter what side of the political spectrum you serve.

Friday fave 2

I also enjoyed finally recapping the Bachelorette this week. She’s narrowed down the field of men, so I’m hoping to start putting some faces with some names. I am watching spoiled this time around – thank you, Reality Steve – but I won’t include finale spoilers in the recaps.

Friday fave 3

puppy snugs

Puppy snugs for the win. This is Tex – who just happens to be a true velcro golden retriever. This dog will not let me out of his sight. I’m trying to keep them off the couch unless we invite them up, and because he’s a little angel on earth, he got some couch time this week.

golden retrievers

And by angel on earth – I mean about 5% of the time. Ha! Even though some cooler weather blew through this week, the dogs still love getting in the pool. In the morning – at night – when we let them out during the day. Something that’s not currently a Friday Favorite of mine? The yard. We put a fertilizer in the yard a couple of weeks ago – and it’s killed off most of our grass. Aaron is going to try to re-seed this weekend, so fingers crossed that does the trick.

Friday fave 4

qi'a pumpkin oatmeal

Pumpkin oatmeal for the win. I don’t like oatmeal if it’s too sweet. This brand does not have any added sugars. I’ve been making it with some almond milk – and topping it off with a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice from Trader Joes. This brand has all kinds of goodness in the superfoods found in the ingredients: chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp and more.

Friday fave 5

outdoor workouts

I took my workouts outside one night this week. I had been sitting at my computer all day, and I needed some outdoor time before it got pitch black outside. I’m still doing Kira Stokes, and it’s been a really great way to add strength training into my routine over the last year.

Friday fave 6

pork bowl

Delicious dinners. I’ve been switching up some of my dinner lately, and I made this little pork bowl this week. I’ll share the recipe soon.

We’ve got a fun, but busy, weekend coming up. I only have one meeting on my schedule today, which is amazing. I’ve got a grocery pickup scheduled this afternoon, a Friendsgiving, the Nutcracker Market, church and we are seeing one of our friends who we haven’t seen in quite some time! And, if I’m being honest, I still need to take my Halloween decorations down from outside. I’ve never been one to rush a holiday – I like to marinate in each season, but not for too long. I’ll put Christmas up over Thanksgiving weekend, I’ve got to get my Christmas cards ordered – and allllll my holiday shopping needs to get underway. Are you a Black Friday shopper – or a Cyber Monday shopper?


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