Friday Favorites: What We’ve Been Up To This Week


Happy Friday, friends. I’m looking forward to the weekend. If this was your first week back to school – or even your last week of summer, I bet you can’t wait for a couple of days of rest! I’ve got a couple of things I’m really looking forward to this weekend, like church, sleeping in, a Costco run, lunch with a friend and pizza night. This week has been full of some hearty work, some good workouts, a good rainstorm and a whole lots of tying up some loose ends before I head out of town next week.


super sac

If you read Wednesday’s post, you’ll know that we bought a Super Sac. We were in the store to look at their couches, and we ended up with this for my husband’s office. Before we could get rid of the loveseat in his office so this would fit, it stayed out in our living room for longer than I care to admit. But, it sure is comfy! And, you can wash the covers, and the insert has a lifetime warranty!

Designing our couch


We also spent some time this week playing around with Lovesac’s virtual couch configuration. We have an idea of the general layout of our sactional. But, we still need to chose color, fill, how many seats and how many sides. For someone who can be really indecisive (I’m talking about myself), the decision can be really overwhelming. So, we might try to pop back into a showroom with our living room dimensions and work with someone in there to come up with the final plan. Fingers crossed they have a good sale for Labor Day weekend 🙂

Quick, healthy lunches


I’ve been turning to some quick, protein-filled lunches in the middle of my week, and these wraps are so delicious. I use a layer of hummus, some mixed greens, a batch of my greek chicken, feta and a tzatziki dressing. It’s quick, easy and filing. I just try to make a batch of chicken at the beginning of the week.

Peloton and Rain


Houston (and all of Texas) has been in major need of rain, and we finally got some this week. One moment I was out in the backyard with the Spuds in the pool, and the next minute it was pouring on us. I got the dogs dried off in the garage, and decided to hop on the Peloton to do a workout. I love Kirsten Ferguson (any fellow #ratchetdogmoms out there?) because she has the best music, and I did a HIIT and Hills class. She had some good sprints in there, and as you can see, I was sprinting as fast as my legs would let me!

Petey Pablo


Remember our house guest from a couple of weeks ago? He sure was cute! I got an update on Petey Pablo yesterday evening – and it seems like he might have found his forever home. I’m all about rescuing dogs – Sawyer was a rescue, and they really are the best. Petey needed to go to a home with either no dogs – or small dogs, and he is kind of allergic to grass. The lady who might be taking him has a chihuahua – and she’s got artificial turf. That would be so perfect for him!

A new favorite romper


This was the romper I wore to our anniversary dinner last weekend. It was originally a purchase for the upcoming Bachelorette party (we have an all-black evening planned), but I wanted to take it for a test run. I love love love a good romper – it’s comfort while still being dressy. This romper has it all (except you do have to wear pasties since it has an open back). It’s a Jay Godfrey romper, and I’ll have this one on repeat!

A new vacuum

shark vacuum

I don’t know if I mentioned this on here, but I’ve been trying out a new vacuum. My Dyson upright finally died (after more than a decade of heavy use). Everyone in our golden retriever group recommends the Shark (over the Dyson). So, I found myself (a longtime Dyson fangirl) purchasing the Shark. And here’s the deal. Sometimes, you should go with what you know. I shouldn’t have strayed. But, ya’ll – I had MULTIPLE friends, who are self-proclaimed clean freaks, declaring their love for the Shark. I let my house get good and dog hairy for about a week while I was in between vacuums, and as you can see from the photo above, it does get the dog hair. However, the cord is much shorter than I would like, and I feel like it’s strength is really getting debris and dog hair out of carpet (which we don’t have in our house). I’m still on the fence about this vacuum. I keep using it and keep wanting to like it, but it hasn’t been love at first use. Stay tuned on my vacuum saga.

And, that was our week! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead.


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