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Anniversary Weekend Recap


Happy Wednesday, friends! Sorry for missing Monday’s post, but we were out late on Sunday, and I just didn’t have chance to get one written. I hope your week is off to a nice start – and I know some of you have kids who started school already, and some of you have kids starting over the next couple of weeks. I’m thinking of you all and hoping for a smooth sailing year. The start of a new school year signals the start of a new fiscal year for me. It’s when we really hit the ground running hard with new goals, new projects and a renewed sense of focus. But for now, I’m enjoying the remaining days of August before the pressure of a new fiscal year.

I’ve got one bachelorette party in August, so I’m taking a few days off for that. My work has a use it or lose it policy, and I’ve got some paid days off that I need to use up some time over the next several weeks. And, that’s really all I have on the agenda travel-wise at the moment. We’ve got a baby shower, some wedding showers, some weddings, some football games and more later this fall, and I’m just trying to brace myself for some balance at the end of 2022. Even though it’s already Wednesday, I figured I would share what we were up to over our anniversary weekend. It was a good one.

Anniversary weekend recap – Friday

silver oak

We don’t do gifts for our anniversary, but we do try to go for memories. In the past, we’ve done Broken Bow, we’ve done Hawaii, we’ve done Rockport – and it’s been such a fun tradition to look forward to every year. But, this year, we took our vacation later in July, and with everything coming up this fall, it felt really good to stay home! In fact, we missed our Florida weekend with our friends this year (and we’ve got all the plans to do Florida next year)!

My parents sent us several bottles of Silver Oak, which is one of mine and Aaron’s favorite fancy wines. It’s a special occasion wine for us, and it was really nice of my parents to ship some to us directly from the vineyard. If you are in a need of a special wine for a nice occasion, Silver Oak is delicious – they have the Napa Valley and the Alexander Valley varietal. We’ve tried both, and both are delicious (the Napa Valley is definitely more expensive).


Because it had been a looooong week, and our actual anniversary was on Friday, we decided to stay in. Look, I’m all about celebrating, but it needs to be convenient for all parties involved. We could have rushed home, rushed to get ready and rushed out to try to make a nice dinner happen. But, what was more fun, was opening up a bottle of wine at home, lighting some candles and enjoying pizza night! And that’s exactly what we did.


My grandma sent us a “happy birthday” card in the mail, which was funny – and sweet. She meant to get a happy anniversary card, but she liked the margarita on the front.

Big mail day

Friday was a big mail day for us! I’ve had lots of orders coming in for this bachelorette party, and I’ll do a separate recap on the items I ordered. I’m not sure I’ve told you guys, but we are planning to upgrade our couch later this year. Adulting, am I right?


It’s turned into a bigger decision that I thought it would be, but we’ve decided on Lovesac for a variety of reasons – mainly the versatility – and the function (you can wash all the pieces). If we rewind a tad, Aaron and I went into their showroom a couple of weekends ago to look at the couches. Aaron decided he wanted a “Super Sac” for his office. It was really comfortable. And, the super sac arrived on Friday. It was a massive package that showed up on my door.


The Super Sac is awesome, but it’s a bit of an involved process. You have to let it sit out to fluff to its full potential for 24-48 hours, so while we were dining on a high class meal of wine and pizza, we let the sac do its thing! The pups have claimed it as theirs already.


golden retriever

I wish I had more to report for Saturday, but I woke up feeling like I was getting sick with a cold, Aaron had me take a COVID test (negative), and I was laying low for the majority of the day. We had dinner reservations for Saturday night, but we canceled and rescheduled for Sunday. I haven’t had a day where I just cleared my schedule and vegged out on the couch in a really really long time. Can we normalize more of that? It felt so nice. I watched some trash TV, read my book and just relaxed.

Elvis got my yard looking perfect, and I ignored all of things I needed to get done around the house. It was awesome!

Sunday – Puppy School Graduation

I woke up feeling much better on Sunday. I guess our bodies do have a way of telling us when we need to slow down to relax. We watched church online, we swung by to drop something off at our friends house, we did a grocery pick up at H-E-B.

puppy school

But, most importantly, I let the Spuds swim. Puppy School graduation was Sunday afternoon, and I knew it involved an obstacle course. So, I let the pups swim to get some energy out 🙂 I dried them off, and we were on our way. We’ve been going every Wednesday night for the last 6 weeks, and we’ve been practicing on all the other days. With golden retrievers, it’s especially important to be consistent – especially when it comes to excitable behaviors (they just love people). And, my Spuds passed! They each did an obstacle course that consisted of sit, stay, leave it, loose leash walking, a trick, a polite greeting, a serpentine walk, a down, a recall and more. I was so proud of them.

puppy school

One of the best parts of puppy school was that it allowed them exposure to different types of dogs (we had two reactive dogs in the class) than they would have had otherwise. Cali also can be really timid in new situations, and it was really nice to see her gain her confidence over the course of this class. As long as she knows she can execute on a trick or a command, she feels confident where she is. Tex received an award for “Best overall,” which I’m still kind of giggling about. He is a really good dog, and I don’t give him enough credit (but the instructor should see him on his neighborhood walks ;)).

puppy school

Cali received “Best leash walker.” We are going to keep up with their training at home, and once our fall schedule clears up some, I am going to consider the next level course for both dogs. It was really beneficial – especially at teaching the dogs impulse control. We still work with them every single day on their walks, and like any dog, training and reinforcement is a lifetime commitment.

puppy school
puppy school

Anniversary Dinner


We capped our weekend off with our anniversary dinner. B&B Butchers is one of our favorite restaurants in Houston. I’ve never had a bad meal there. It’s our go-to place when taking clients for business dinners when they come in to Houston to visit with Aaron, where we take friends for special occasions and one of our favorite places to celebrate special occasions in our own world! We wined, we dined and we celebrated 6 years!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the week. I’m back to regularly scheduled programming on Friday!


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