Thursday Things + Happy Birthday to my Husband

Mexico City | Mexico

Happy Thursday! I feel like a completely new woman now that our house renovations are complete. We had someone come in and do a deep clean yesterday, so I really feel like we have our house back. It’s a wonderful feeling. You don’t realize the extent that life’s stressors can take their toll on you until you really sit back and do some reflecting.


Weekend walk

My organization is implementing wellness as a big initiative moving forward, so I’ve spent a bit more time than usual lately thinking about what that means for me. And for me, it really means taking the time to step away from the computer a bit more, getting outside more to run or walk, spending quality time with our friends and just getting rid of all the baggage that COVID left us with! Not that COVID is over, but our new normal is here, so let’s embrace it.

Texas golden retriever puppies

And wellness also means hiring someone to come deep clean my house after everything it had been through this year. I’m so glad I did, because it feels like new again. I feel like a new lady with a clean house, all repair work done – and my new puppies.

The importance of having a support system

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Of course, I was more thankful than ever this year to have a support system in my husband. He is the calm to my crazy. He’s the patient to my impatient. And he’s really been the voice of reason during an otherwise crazy start to 2021. I act all cool, clam and collected here, but trust me, when I had water coming out of my ceiling in February from a burst pipe, I was not my best self.

Mexico City | Mexico

And, when my beloved Sawyer died in March, I was in a bit of a fog for a long while. Because he left us so unexpectedly, it took me awhile to come to terms with how it all happened and to cope with not having him here anymore. Still today, when I have my moments when I miss my boy, Aaron is there to cheer me up.

Happy Birthday, Aaron!

Sawyer and Aaron

And today, we celebrate him. Happy birthday, Aaron, you are truly one of a kind! For those who might be new around here, Aaron and I have been married for five years (in August), and we are polar opposites. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have a 7-year age difference between us, so he’s turning 42 today!


He was a marine, so he can have a bit of a tough exterior, but to me, he’s a big ol’ softie, and I love that about him. He owns his own business (a wholesale automotive company), and he works hard each and every day. He’s the hardest worker I’ve ever met in my life, and I really admire his drive and determination. I also appreciate his love for Jesus, and his desire to lead his family well.


And well, the man makes me laugh (in that above photo, he had just fallen down the stairs – as he does – he was fine!). He’s a whole lotta rough around the edges – and also a whole lotta sweet – and whole lotta smart. Happy Birthday, Aaron!!!! May all of your dreams come true this year!!!!

I normally do a big party for Aaron. I mean, there have been some years that we have gone all out. But, this year, it seems more appropriate to keep it low key, which is 100% his preference anyways. So, we kept it to a small group of our closest friends, and we are headed for dinner at Lake Conroe on Saturday evening!


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