Friday Favorites

tex and cali

Happy Friday – we made it. After what feels like the longest two weeks in history, we’ve made it! Can I get an amen? I’ve had some big favorites this week, so let’s recap, shall we?

Mr. Simplywed’s birthday

flamer thrower

Yesterday, we celebrated Aaron’s birthday: the big 42! And, it was a favorite of mine because he works so hard and doesn’t ever make a big deal of his birthday. But, he definitely deserves a celebration! He started his morning off with some donuts and presents that my parents sent. And, our friends sent over some fun goodies during the day like beer, some cake(s) and some fun gifts. We had his favorite: Star Pizza, for dinner. If ya know, you know!

All things puppy

tex and cali

Part of the reason I’m tired is these two cute pups. Tex and Cali are (mostly) sleeping through the night. We take them out one last time before we go to bed – usually around midnight (did I mention I’m a night owl). And, they will typically sleep until about 6 a.m. That’s great news. Now, they definitely aren’t house broken, so we need to work on that this weekend. I’m thinking about buying a bell for my door.

They are sweet puppies (when they are tired), and because they are still in the process of becoming fully vaccinated, we can’t walk them outside to burn off some of that energy. So for now, we are just keeping them occupied with toys, some basic training – and learning how to behave in their crate. Stay tuned.

Our house repairs are over!!!

home office

This should be number one on this list. I can’t tell you how many times since February I’ve thought about the day the repairs would be finished. And, here we are. Four months later. I’m back in my home office. Aaron is back in his home office, and the house is better than it was when we bought it. We did some other updates, which I’ll share about next week! But for now, we are enjoying the fact that we have reclaimed our space.

Vacation Vibes

mesa 1

While I don’t have another vacation on the books anytime soon because: puppies, I thoroughly enjoyed reliving our trip to Punta de Mita. You can read part I here, part II here and part III here.

Some good ol’ fashioned pool time


I’m hoping you can find me here this weekend. Houston has reached peak heat and humidity (I say peak, but I know we’ve got more coming)! My favorite is that we have a house with a pool to enjoy this summer. We weren’t sure what that might look for us when we began house hunting last year!

Our weekend plans include putting the last of our stuff where it’s supposed to go in our house, spending some quality time with the pups and celebrating Aaron’s birthday with friends. I’m hoping we can make some good progress on potty training the dogs. Whatever your plans, I hope you have a fab weekend.


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