House Updates

House update

If you are new around here, you can read some background on what is going on with my house here. While we have made some good progress over the last week, there is still a lot that needs to be done.

Three of our bedrooms, including our master bedroom, were unaffected, so we are able to remain in our house while all the work gets done. The benefit to that is that we are here to monitor progress, but the downside is that we have furniture everywhere, and it’s been kind of a mess. It’s also a tad difficult to work with all the people coming in and out. Today, for example, we’ve got about 4-5 men here doing some work.

Repiping with Pex

pex pipe | houston, Texas

We began repiping our house with the new and improved PEX piping last Thursday. I’m thrilled to have that project mostly finished. The new piping is pretty neat. It’s designed to expand and contract when (and if) water were to freeze in the pipes.

pex pipe | houston, Texas

The blue tubes are for cold water, and the red tubes are for hot water. Piping should be wrapped up later today or tomorrow, which I’m super excited about.

In addition to the piping, the water mitigation team came out this weekend. Their main job was to cut anything wet out of our house. This included the flooring in Aaron’s office that got wet, and any wet walls and insulation.

That being said, the entire ceiling of my office needed to be cut out, along with any wet insulation. So, this is what our house looks like today:

Home office renovation
Home office renovation

The water mitigation has dryers going in both home offices and in our kitchen to make sure everything is dried out before we start construction. The team was fabulous. They were here for several hours on Saturday, and they taped everything off and kept the mess contained, which I was so thankful for. They also cleaned everything before they left. The water mitigation experts will be back today to make sure everything is dried out – and to remove the fans/dryers.

garage office

While all this work is being done, I’m trying to office in my dining room. It’s not always possible, especially if I have to jump on a Zoom meeting – or take a call. So, I have another office out in my garage, where I can keep my dogs contained and have some peace and quiet. My garage office isn’t as bad as it sounds 🙂 We have an insulated garage, and we have an air conditioning unit and a heater in there as well. If you would have asked me in 2019, if I ever thought I might be office-ing out of my garage – I would have looked at you like you were crazy. But, here we are.


So, when does our actual renovation start? We had the contractor come out this weekend to put together a quote for the work that needs to get done, and he’s ready to start as soon as our insurance gives him the green light. I feel like I’m adulting pretty hard these days 🙂 I feel super confident that he is going to get our house back in business as soon as he can.

How am I?

I’ve received a couple of questions about how I’m doing. And, thanks so much for asking. We are doing well. Things are moving along as well as they can be. We have water and power and a whole team of vendors who have all been fabulous to work with. I have not had a negative experience with our plumbers, our water mitigation or the contractors. We took some time out last night to attend week 1, of a 4-week marriage series at our church. And, it felt so nice to get out of the house and to be back in our church, where I was reminded, once again, that life does go on.

And, after our crew left on Saturday evening, we went to dinner with one of our very best friends – at one of my very favorite Houston restaurants: Candelari’s.

I’ll be back here tomorrow, with my Bachelor recap.

Happy Monday!


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