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Weekend Recap


Happy Monday! Things got busy at the end of last week, and I just didn’t get around to blogging my Friday. I’ll be better this week!!!


facial | Houston

I took a wellness day on Friday, and I used it to get a facial, which was awesome. I found a aesthetician here in Houston, and I’ve been going for the last couple of months. I care about my skin care routine, but I know that I also do things (like working out with makeup on) that are counterproductive. I’m working with her to get my skin healthy again. I booked a custom facial – and she ends the session with a mini hot stone massage, and it was really a fabulous way to end my week.


She also does some derma planing, and we did an eyebrow tint as well!! My face is always a bit pink the day after, but I always feel like she gives me a good glow. This was from the day after!

Molinas houston

After my facial I met two of my co-workers for some Tex Mex. I haven’t seen these two in person since we left the office for COVID last March. I talk and text with them every day, so this was long overdue. Our “lunch” lasted about four hours, and it was truly the highlight of my week. It was so nice to see them in person and to give them a hug!


houston Texas

Aaron and I hit the ground running on Saturday (literally). We headed out for a five-mile walk/run to start our day.

peanut power plus

After that, we headed over to Smoothie King before we ran errands. My in-laws are coming this weekend, and they are nice enough to gift us a bedroom set. But, we needed a new mattress and a new TV for our second guest bedroom.

furniture shopping

We headed to Costco first for the TV, and then we went to a furniture store in Houston. I was really only expecting to buy a mattress, but while we were there, we ended up purchasing a new bed for our original guest room, which was on our list at some point – and a second mattress for that new bed! My husband loves those massage chairs, so he tested those out while we were there.

furniture shopping

This is the bed we decided on. Everything will be delivered later this week, and I’m super excited to have all of our rooms (mostly) fully furnished 🙂

We met our friend for dinner at a new sushi spot, but I failed to take pics!! I’ll be better I promise.


We made it church on Sunday morning, and our Pastor gave a sermon on friendship: the importance of having friends and being a friend. I’ve always been so incredibly thankful for our community of friends here in Houston that we’ve made over the years.

After church, we headed over for grocery pickup and to purchase a box spring. #adulting.

golden retrievers

We played with the dogs outside!


And we ended our Sunday evening with a walk!

cayman mist
cayman mist | woven wood shades

Earlier this week, I had someone come out to measure some of my (naked) windows for some woven wood shades, and I got the call that they have an opening this week to come do the install. I decided on the “Cayman mist” color (the top left color), and I think it’s really going to add a more finished look to one of my spaces.

What’s going on this week

This week is busy busy busy. I’ve got a packed work schedule, and I’ve got a vet appointment on my schedule. Our furniture is getting delivered, I’m having the house cleaned, and I’ve got my blinds getting installed all before my in-laws arrive on Friday! We’ve got some fun plans this Labor Day weekend: my MIL and I are headed to Canton to shop their Trade Days.

Off to the races! I hope you all have a wonderful week.


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