Happy Thanksgiving + This Year I’m Thankful For….


Happy Thanksgiving, Friends! This year, the holiday might look a lot different for many people. I hope that you have a wonderful day however you are choosing to spend your Thanksgiving this year. 2020 didn’t turn out how any of us would have expected. But, it’s been my prayer this whole year that something good can still come out of…

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Wedding recap part II: Rehearsal Dinner Baleen Kitchen

wedding party

As I mentioned yesterday in part I of my wedding recap, we wanted our wedding to really be a destination experience for our friends who traveled. So, we knew we needed to choose the perfect spot for our rehearsal dinner. There are a lot of varying opinions about who should be invited to a rehearsal dinner. If you traveled, then…

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Wedding recap part 1: Wayfarer’s Chapel

Wayfarer's Chapel | Rancho Palos Verdes

Since I’ve started blogging again, I’ve shared that Aaron and I got married four years ago, but I haven’t shared anything about our wedding. So today, I want to share a small glimpse of our California wedding, and I want to focus on the venue. Aaron and I decided to get married in California for several reasons: 1) August in…

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Pre-Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Nordstrom Rack

Happy Monday, friends! I’m working today, and I have the rest of the week off to spend some time relaxing and enjoying Thanksgiving. And, I am so looking forward to having a couple of days to just “be.” I am decorating my house for Christmas on Saturday, and I’m so excited to pull out my decorations and find spots for…

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Cooking, ETC...

Happy Friday + Two Easy Recipes for Thanksgiving Week

Golden retriever

Happy Friday! What a week. On Monday, we hosted an event that was virtual for the first-time ever, and it raised $1 million. I’m happy to have that one off the plate before the holidays, though. On Monday evening, our friend’s mom, Alice, invited us over to grab some homemade brisket and her homemade key lime pie. Aaron’s favorite pie…

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This time last year + work trip in New Orleans

new orleans | warehouse district

I had a timehop memory pop up across my phone this morning, so I thought I would share what I was up to this time last year! And today, I’m working on a unique work project doing something extra special for the holiday season. This exact time last year was super hectic and super fun. I went to a conference…

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Workout Wednesday: My top three pandemic exercise routines

Chevron Houston Marathon

Now that I’m working from home, my workout routine has definitely been switched up. Pre-COVID, I was going to the gym for a strength class every Saturday morning, and my husband and I would go lift some weights a couple of times a week in the evenings. Now, Aaron and I are generally active people, and we’ve gotten creative with…

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House Updates

House Update: Dining Room

Dining room update

I’m here today with a house update. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that our dining room table finally arrived. This table had been on back order since September. Here is what our dining room looked like with the prior owner’s furniture. Now, we have a similar rug, which is a couple of years old. It used to be in our…

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Weekend Recap


Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather was just perfect in Houston, and we spent a lot of time outside. Saturday Saturday morning I woke up around 8 a.m., and we decided to do about 20-miles on the bikes. We finished in about two hours. It was suuuper windy on our way back, which…

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Easy Weeknight Dinner: Stuffed Peppers

southwest stuffed bell peppers

I’ve been in kind of a cooking slump lately. By the time I transition from work to home in the evening, it’s already dark outside (thank you time change). It’s left me a bit….. uninspired. Unfortunately, this has meant a lot of repeat recipes and some Chick-fil-A. But, when I was making my grocery list over the weekend, I added…

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