Puerto Vallarta Bachelorette Recap Part III

secrets Puerto Vallarta

I’m back today with the last and final recap for my Puerto Vallarta Bachelorette party. As I mentioned on Monday, I’m still looking into some fun activities for our upcoming Mexico trip, and I’ve had fun reliving my bachelorette party for you. Here is part I, and you can read part II here.

Day 3

It wouldn’t be a bachelorette party without a spa day. But, let me rewind for a second. We had breakfast on site each morning at Carnival, which is their breakfast buffet. It was incredible. The views were fantastic: you could sit inside or outside. They had all of the fresh fruit you could imagine, and any hot breakfast item you could ever want. They served breakfast each day until noon. So, on day 3, we ate breakfast, and we headed down to our spa appointments.

They start each spa session off with a complimentary hydrotherapy session. Since we were the first group booked for the day, we had the the hydrotherapy area to ourselves. They had plunge pools, they had jets, they had everything, and it was a great way to relax before our spa session.

Secrets Puerto Vallarta | spa

Here we all are before our treatments. Each of the girls booked the service of their choice, and they were able to accommodate us all at once. Some of the girls got massages, some got facials. I went for a massage and mini facial, and it felt amazing.

secrets Puerto Vallarta

We laid out by the pool for the afternoon after our spa treatments, and then we got ready for our fun night out. We couldn’t visit Puerto Vallarta without visiting the “malecon,” or the boardwalk Downtown. Two members of our group had to fly back home after our morning spa day and pool session.

secrets Puerto Vallarta

The staff members at Secrets were all amazing. The hotel arranged for a car to take us into downtown, and they dropped us off in a safe spot right on the boardwalk where we could walk around and explore.

malecón | Puerto Vallarta

There was a sandcastle competition that must have gone on earlier in the day.

malecon | Puerto Vallarta

We shopped the shops on the boardwalk – and just explored all the sites to see. We ran into several groups doing food-tasting tours, and there were some bike tours going through as well. We spent several hours out there, and it’s worth a visit if you are in Puerto Vallarta and want to experience some of the culture.

malecon | Puerto Vallarta

They had plenty of clubs and bars lining the boardwalk if that’s your thing.

malecon | Puerto Vallarta

Or there were more historical sites to see as well. We found a shop to do a tequila tasting in, and we ended up buying some of their tequila to bring back home.

malecon | Puerto Vallarta

We ended our night at one of the restaurants right on the boardwalk. The food was delicious. After we ate, we took a taxi back to our resort. I didn’t feel unsafe, because there were five of us. But, it’s not something I would do if I were a solo traveler.

The last morning, we ate breakfast at the hotel, and they had our van waiting for us to take us back to the airport. The drive to the airport was about 45 minutes, and the flight back to Texas, was about 2.5 hours.

Puerto Vallarta is a great little getaway, and it was the best way to celebrate with some of my girlfriends. I can’t wait to go back soon, and this time, we are doing a bit of a culinary tour this time around, and our itinerary is still in the works. Can’t wait to share.

Happy Friday, friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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