Thanksgiving 2022: 5 Things I’m Thankful For This Year

Gruene wedding weekend

Happy Wednesday, friends! Because it’s a holiday week, this will be my last post so I can spend some time with my parents who will in town. I’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming on Monday. Anyone else overwhelmed by all of the Black Friday emails coming in? I’m already going back for round two of clearing out my personal inbox from all of the sale emails. I might buy some baby stuff online – like a mattress and possibly a stroller, but other than that….. I’m just wanting to enjoy my time with family. So, in honor of the holiday, I’m sharing five things that I’m most thankful for this year.


McNulty Family

This deserves the number one spot on my list. Aaron and I don’t have any family members who actually live in Houston, which has its pros and cons. But, it just means that we cherish the time we do get to spend with them even more. I have a family group text that has every single family member on my dad’s side of the family. They are hilarious, and it’s a highlight of my weeks.

Eastern glades

Aaron’s parents are about three hours away, and I lucked out in the mother-in-law category. She just knows how to navigate a relationship with a daughter-in-law, and I’ll be forever grateful for that. I’ve especially cherished the support and excitement from our families this year when we shared our big news.

Baby G

baby announcement

Speaking of the big news, Baby G is one thing that I’m especially thankful for in 2022. When I was growing up, I was never really certain I wanted to have children of my own. Some people know they want to be parents, but it took me some growing up – and some living a bit – to get used to the idea. And you know what? that’s okay. I might be on the “older” side (I mean – can we stop calling women who have babies over 35 – a geriatric pregnancy), but I know deep in my soul that we will be better parents because we waited. Aaron has always wanted kids, and I knew this when we got married – so it was just a matter of time. And, it seemed like there was no better time than the present. I’m thankful to have had a fairly healthy pregnancy so far. I’m also thrilled that we will be having a baby BOY. I can’t believe that next year, I’ll be a boy mom. I can’t wait.



While we are on the topic of families – I am especially thankful for friends who are like family. Since we don’t have any family in Houston, we have a community of friends. And this year, I’ve been especially thankful to celebrate many of them in really big ways.


One of my besties is getting married in just two short weeks. We’ve celebrated baby showers, babies, new jobs, new houses and more. Our friends have celebrated with us – and shared in our excitement. Find a community of people who are in your corner no matter what. It’s the quality over the quantity that matters. And, this year, we’ve been blessed to welcome some new friends into our circle.

Waco weekend

And, as we get older – and continue to have more obligations, I’ve found that a good girl’s weekend is the cure to whatever ails the soul. Earlier this year, two of my college besties made it a point to get together for a girl’s weekend in Waco, and I can wait to do it again! Find your people and love them well!

My Puppies

puppy school

Oh gosh. I am so thankful for Tex and Cali. I am also really thankful that they graduated from puppy school earlier this year :). But, in all seriousness, I am so glad that we got both of them. They are my furry little co-workers, our comedians – and just an overall joy to have. It was a bit of a heavy lift to get them through their first year, but now that they are 19 months old, our hard work is paying off. They both have the sweetest personalities, and I owe a massive debt of gratitude for them for never leaving my side when I wasn’t feeling my best during my first trimester.

One of the funniest things that has happened with Tex and Cali – is the fact they they know that something is up with me. They watch me like a hawk, they follow me everywhere, and they are glued to my side when I’m home. I can’t go to the bathroom without a golden retriever body guard. Aaron and I both love them, and I know they will be fabulous with the baby.

Sawyer and Buttercup

When Sawyer and Buttercup passed away in the same year, I grieved both of their losses deeply – they were members of our family. I still think of them each and every day, and while their loss still leaves a bit of a hole in my heart – Tex and Cali have brought us so much joy!

A Career I Enjoy


And last but certainly not least – I’m thankful to have a career I enjoy. Look – when you go to college – you are expected to choose a fairly linear path. You are expected to know what it is you want to do with the rest of your life. I was lucky enough that Baylor is great at many things, so I was able to switch my major a couple of times before finally finding something that I enjoyed doing: communications.


And, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to make a career out of it. I’ll be celebrating 10 years with my company early next year, and they have truly flown by. My days are busy, and the way I work has changed significantly thanks to COVID, but at the end of the day, I have a job – and a team – I enjoy. Find the thing you like doing – and pursue it.

I have so many other things on my list that I’m thankful for this year. The list can go on and on. I also acknowledge that the holidays can be a difficult time for many people for various reasons, and I’m thinking of you and sending virtual hugs. No matter what your Thanksgiving plans are this year, I hope that you do whatever brings you the most joy and gratitude. I’ll see you back here on Monday!


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