Top Five Favorite Work From Home Items


Since I started working from home a year ago, I’ve gotten used to some items I just can’t live without. I figured I’d share them with you today. If you’ve been reading here any amount of time, you know that my office was a victim of February’s freeze. So, even though, I’m in my makeshift offie (literally in the middle of my formal dining room and living area), I still can’t live without these items. Here we go.

A good headset

I know this is super nerdy of me, but it is what it is. I’ve found myself in many a Zoom meeting over the last year – and let me tell ya, good, quality audio is hard to come by. So, I discovered the best headset out there. I was in a birthday Zoom meetup for one of my girlfriends – and her audio was fab. I asked her what headset she was using, and it was this one. I went ahead and bought one for myself.


The exact model is the Jabra Evolve 65. You can find my exact model here. You won’t be mad at about this purchase, especially if you expect to be in Zoom meetings for the foreseeable future. My return to work date keeps getting pushed back – so I am tentatively scheduled to head back one day a week in person – in September. But, for the remainder of the time, this headset will come in clutch.

Erin Condren planner

Erin Condren
I got the pink leather life planner for 2021, and I’m obsessed.

I’ve talked about this planner before. I am old school, and I like to have a hard copy planner to plan both my work and my actual life – so I can see when and where things have the potential to be crazy. If I have a big work project coming up, I know it’s probably not a good idea to be scheduling a weekend away. At the very end of every month, I plan out my month ahead in my Erin Condren Life Planner. And I love the heck out of this thing. I must be on my fifth or sixth year of owning one. I like them because: 1. They are super cute. 2. Erin Condren has allll the cute stuff like stickers and labels. 3. I like the layout.

Now, I use my electronic calendar to view my weeks at a glance, my Life Planner is where all the big planning takes place. You can’t go wrong.

Bonus: Right now, she’s got 50% off her warehouse items! Go get you some.

A good pen

As I mentioned above: I’m old school. I tend to remember things better if I write them down. I also keep an ongoing list of to-do’s throughout my days. I’m a sucker for a good pen.

Japan supposedly has the No. 1 pens in the entire world. Which is a pretty lofty claim to make. So, when I visited Japan two years ago, I snagged some. And they are that good. I have a minor complaint, which is that I wish they came in blue ink, but other than that – love them. You need them. They aren’t expensive. And, after all, they are the number one pen in the world!

And, you can get them on Amazon for less than $8. They are legit, trust me.

Charging Stand

ONE Dock (Apple Certified) Power Station Dock, Stand & Built-in Lightning Connector for Apple Watch Smart Watch (Series 5,4,3,2,1 Nike+), iPhone, iPad & iPod (Dock + Beat Speaker (Black))

Working from home has led to cord clutter. There are so many cords. And I have a newfound appreciation for my IT guys at work. I mean – they dealt with my cord clutter, and they made it look good. When I first started working from home a year ago, I had charging cords all over the place. I had my work tech and my own, personal tech that needed charging.

So, I’ve since switched over to a charging stand for my phone and my watch. GAME CHANGER.



I realized I wasn’t getting enough hydration in throughout the day. So now, I make it a point to keep the water intake flowing during my days.

I’m kind of a water snob, and I enjoy ice cold sparkling water like Topo Chico or Waterloo (black cherry is my fave). I was gifted this yeti awhile back, but because I was always in my work office, I didn’t bring it with me. It is the exact size for a 12 oz. beverage, and it keeps it cold for the long run. It comes with a lid, and I love this thing. Aaron and I each have one, and it holds a 12 oz bottle of topo Chico perfectly- and it’s cute. I have the white one. And all the people said Amen.

That’s all I have for you on this Work Wednesday!


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