What’s your color?

real colors

Happy Thursday friends. I hope you enjoyed my Bachelor in Paradise recap earlier this week – along with some home renovation items on my to do list. I’ve got a fun, but busy, Fall coming up. And I got to thinking about what truly energizes me.

real colors

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a unique training session at work. It was the Real Colors training, which is meant to dial down on the characteristics that define your work style. But, as I sat through the training, many of the characteristics that bubbled up really translate into my personal life. I’m going somewhere with this, I promise.


We all have seasons in our life. 2020 was a season for all of us to slow down a bit. There wasn’t a ton of travel – you weren’t really supposed to be gathering with large groups of people – and it really redefined certain aspects of how we all work and live. As we entered into 2021, it was sort of like re-emerging into a new world, different than the one we left behind prior to COVID.

For me, I’m changing the way I work probably forever. Same with my husband. And, it’s been a learning experience, but I must say that some things are for the better. Aaron and I used to burn the candle at both ends. Aaron would wake up at 5 or 5:30 in the morning and work outside the home all day. He would get home around 7, and we would go for a run or workout, do dinner and by the time all those things were accomplished, it was time for bed. Our weekends were no exception. We would plan our weekends packed full to the gills with errands and friends and outings.

And with COVID, that way of life came to an abrupt halt. We stayed in more. We relaxed. We learned how to be content and less busy, and I learned to appreciate the slower-paced/not needing something on my calendar every day or night of the week. I haven’t forgotten what that felt like, and during 2021, I’ve tried to dial it down a bit. Maybe say “no” a bit more – and maybe commit to less on my weekends.

But it all goes back to what energizes me. And, many times it’s my people. I love to see my friends, and over the last year, it’s been more about the quality of enduring friendships and less about the quantity. But sometimes, what energizes me is not having things on my schedule – taking some time for just myself – or Aaron and I to relax at home.

My Real Colors

real colors

So, during my training last week, I was not shocked to see that my colors were almost equal in blue and gold. Let me back up a bit. Real Colors is meant to see how we can all work better and understand those on our team. I’ve taken courses like StrengthsFinders with my team before, and it does have useful application because not everyone is wired the same. And you need to understand how to work and communicate with those who don’t work and communicate along the same lines as you. It’s great because it brings diverse opinions and new thought processes to the table.

Real Colors has four colors. The assessment began with a mix of images, and you had to identify which images you identified with the most. Then, you had to read some descriptions about work style – and you were lumped into a color category based on your responses.

True Colors Personality Test | myweeklyfascination

Primary color: blue

My primary color was blue (38) and my secondary color was gold (37). I ranked lowest in orange, and green came in third place. During the training, you were separated into groups by your primary color, so I was in a group with all blue people. The characteristics that define the blue group are:

  • compassionate
  • empathetic
  • artistic
  • loyal
  • people-person
  • team builder

Just to name a few.

And – many of my fellow “blues” agreed that we value quality time with our people. Just as we are loyal with our friends, we can be equally as loyal in the workplace. We don’t like conflict, and we try to do what we can to keep the peace between people on our team (and in life).

Secondary color: gold

But then, when they started reviewing the other colors, it made sense why gold was my secondary color. The gold group is:

  • organized
  • punctual (which I am not)
  • love to make to do lists (I feel this on a deeeeep level)
  • helpful
  • dependable
  • efficient
  • reliable

How does this correlate with your personal life?

golden retriever puppies
Puppy tax

And many of the gold qualities spoke to me as well. I went through the three hour training – and I got to thinking about it later that evening. Yes, these qualities define my work style. I have to be artistic in my job because it requires creativity and thinking outside the box. Yes, I am loyal, and I am incredibly empathetic. But these things sort of carry over into my life as well – especially some of the gold qualities. I like to keep an organized household – and that’s a big job in and of itself. Because my husband runs his own business, I help manage certain aspects of that (hello, taxes) and I also manage our entire household, but I thrive off of that. And, while I like to be with my people, I also need some time to recharge – it’s that introverted extrovert in me, I guess.

I wonder what my colors would have been prior to COVID? Would they have been the same – have they changed? I guarantee you that my husband’s color is probably orange, which is kind of a rare color. 🙂 So, while we’ve got some fun Fall things in the works, I’ve left lots of time on my calendar to recharge and relax as best as possible. What are your Fall plans? I’ve got a birthday coming up (hello 35), I’ve got a fun weekend in the works with my in-laws, we’ve got an impromptu getaway planned, and I’ve got some big work projects coming down my pipeline in a big way!!!!

So, what’s your color?


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