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Bachelor in Paradise: Week 3 Recap

Happy Tuesday. I am back for Week 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. Full disclosure – I don’t recap the Tuesday night show because it would be complete overload. Do they normally do two episodes every week? This week starts off with many of the contestants already paired up, and I’m thinking I can’t wait for some drama to happen as they introduce some new people to the group.

Our current couples are:

  • Abigail and Noah
  • Mari and Kenny
  • Jessenia and Ivan
  • Grocery Store Joe and Serena P. 
  • Maurissa and Riley
  • Tahzjuan and Tre
  • Natasha and Brendan
  • Tammy and Aaron
  • Deandra and Carl
  • Demi and James

I say “couples” loosely here because I can’t quite tell who would bail if someone new showed up on the beach.

Chasen and Chris K.


These two enter the beach together. Both were on Clare’s season. Chasen was the “smoke show” guy. They definitely disrupt some of the couples: Chris is all eyes for Jessenia (who is currently with Ivan) and Chasen asks Deandra on this double date (and she’s paired up with Carl).

They go on a Kama sutra double date – which was interesting to say the least. Jessenia enjoyed her time with Chris, and she reveals that he fulfills the one “thing” that’s missing with Ivan.

bachelor in paradise

Back on the beach, Mari shares with Serena P. that she’s open to dating other people – and not just Kenny. Demi sees this as her opportunity to get to know Kenny. And by get to know, I mean that Demi has a full on makeup sash with Demi in front of Mari. Sidenote: if you don’t watch BIP with the captions, you need to. They are pure gold.

bachelor in paradise

Connor, who had a great connection with Maurissa, is pulling out all the stops to win back Maurissa’s heart. And, as we all know, she spent the night in the Boom Boom Room with Riley, and she seems V into Riley. Connor didn’t know about the Boom Boom Room, until Tahzjuan reveals it to him.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE – Lance Bass. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

I’m going to pump the brakes here for a hot second. I am loving all of the celebrity hosts. Lance Bass is the host this week, and it’s like a blast from the past.

Natasha tells Lance that she’s lacking intimacy with Brendan (because girrrrrl, he’s dating PIEPER back at home). She gives him a massage, and he finally kisses her, but I cringed. It was awk, and I’m not looking for them to repeat that anytime soon.

Grocery Store Joe gets a date


Joe gets a date card, and of course, he asks Serena P. to go with him. They have a nice dinner set up in the middle of the wresting ring. I really feel like this is the first time I’ve seen Joe really open up to someone. Serena goes in for the kill and starts asking Joe more about his relationship with Kendall. Joe admits that he only wants to leave in a relationship if it’s one that he’s 100% in on. I’m rooting for these two! The only thing is the age difference – Joe is 35, and I think that Serena P. is in like her early 20’s. I guess we will have to stay tuned.


This might be one of the cutest dates I’ve seen. They have Joe and Serena dress up like luchadors – and how cute were they?

bachelor in paradise

Back on the beach, everyone is around the campfire, when Demi shows up with a cake for Kenny. Mari is not pleased with this turn of events. Then, Demi takes Kenny away to show him how to whack the piñata full of…condoms (I can’t make this stuff up). Mari has had enough – and she takes Demi’s cake and throws it in the fire.

Chaos is erupting on the beach. Tahzjuan is screaming into the ocean. Mari and Demi are confronting each other over Kenny (which – they should really ask themselves why they are fighting over a naked boy band manager). That leads to this little gem:

Bachelor in Paradise GIF
courtesy: ABC

I really want Kenny to make good choices, but….. the camera shows Kenny headed into the Boom Boom Room with Demi. And Noah leaves us with this: “The entire beach chose chaos,” and he ain’t wrong.

This episode ends riiiiight before they get to the rose ceremony. Some of the OG’s are showing up in the next episode – and it’s gonna get even more messy. We’ve got Becca, Kendall and Tia headed our way!


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