Weekend wrap-up + best cleaning tip

virtual walk

This weekend was kind of a busy one for the Gomez fam. I was happy to wrap up some of my work projects last week, and I have one big project I fully intend on finishing this afternoon. I hope your week is off to a fantastic start, too!

virtual meeting
Note: office is still a work in progress

Friday morning started off with our virtual Board of Visitor’s meeting. It’s normally in person, so it was nice to view this one in a more casual environment for a change. It was 2.5 hours long, and then I hopped into a breakout session for an extra hour after that. I had to get on video for the breakout session. You better believe I had on my yoga pants!

Boot Walk

virtual walk
virtual walk

Saturday was the annual Boot Walk. I’ve participated in this event since its inception in 2016. It’s a 1.2-mile walk in your boots. It’s such a fun event, and it’s a great way to show your support for those who have cancer – or those who have been touched by cancer. This year, the event went virtual, so you could do your walk anywhere. We had people participating from all across the world. I always dedicate my walk to someone I know who is battling cancer, and this year, I had several special people on my list.

virtual walk
2020 Virtual Boot Walk
virtual walk
The 2019 Boot Walk

I put on my cowboy boots for a quick photo op in front of the house. The dogs even got in on the fun for a bit. Then, Aaron and I set off on our walk. This year, we ended up doing six miles. There is a trail behind our new house that I really wanted to explore. It sits up on top of nature reserve, so it’s really pretty. We saw some deer and lots of hawks.

After the walk, our friend Richard was supposed to come into town for the weekend to see the new house. He’s an orthopedic surgeon, and he got caught up at the hospital, so we postponed his visit for another weekend.

House-cleaning tip

While I was trying to get the house cleaned for Richard’s visit, I came across the best house- cleaning tip. The shower doors in my master bathroom are all glass. Which is great – but you have to stay on top of cleaning them – or the hard water marks will just build up. I follow @gocleanco on Instagram, and they have been game changers (go follow them now for the best cleaning help)! They said that the new Dawn Power Wash actually has an ingredient in it to help with hard water marks. So, I grabbed a bottle, and IT WORKS!!!!! (I haven’t even tried it on my dishes yet, but it works for glass showers). If you have a glass shower, you know what a pain those can be! Go get this now. Seriously.

Dawn power wash


laundry room  shelves
These are the shelves I need to organize!

Sunday morning I woke up with some major sinus pressure. The weather here in Houston can’t make up it’s mind, and my allergies can’t keep up. Normally, a run helps clear things up. So, I did three miles on the trails around my neighborhood. Came back and watched church online. Then, I needed (it was a necessity) to make a Target run to track down some baskets so I could get my shelves in my laundry room organized. I found some that I like, but I had to go to two Targets to get the amount of baskets I needed 🙂 I am trying to break up some of the white, and I think I found a good solution. Once I get those done, I’ll show some photos.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!


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